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Jim Tomsula, Jim Harbaugh and the teaching aspect of coaching

Last night, I posted a brief recap of the San Francisco 49ers practice session. In the comments, one user put together an interesting comment about Jim Tomsula and Jim Harbaugh and the abilities of coaching and teaching. I think a lot of people saw the comment, but I'm sure plenty missed it. I found it to be a very interesting comment, so I wanted to post it on the front page for everybody to see.

One thing I like about Niners Nation is that our community of readers comes from a broad range of backgrounds. We have college kids, retired folks, and people working a vast array of jobs. In this case, we have a reader who has experience as a soccer coach. Plenty will view this as not an apples to apples comparison, but I think Toneloc129's experience allows him to raise some interesting points.

It remains to be seen whether potentially improved "teaching" will lead to more wins, but we are seeing differences in how the coaching staff approaches things in practice. During OTAs and minicamp, there were reports of the team having a period of practice where they went back and re-did the plays where notable errors occurred. Things like that will help build the fundamentals. As Toneloc129 pointed out, it does not tell us about Jim Tomsula or his coaching staff as strategists, but getting the fundamentals cleaned up is a critical part of this process.