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Aldon Smith arrest resulted from hitting neighbor's car after argument, per NBC Bay Area

We're starting to get some facts in about Aldon Smith's arrest. There is still a lot of confusion, but here's the latest.

I think it's safe to say we need to buckle up for the long haul with this latest Aldon Smith saga. The San Francisco 49ers outside linebacker was arrested early Friday morning on what isuspicion of DUI, hit-and-run and vandalism. He was released on $26,000 bail, and as he left the jail, he told a local news station that it was not a DUI, and that the truth would come out.

We are slowly starting to get some potential facts on the situation.

NBC followed up with this article, in which they say, "Sources told NBC Bay Area that Smith apparently hit a neighbor's car after an argument, which suffered minor damage. The neighbor called police, who responded and arrested him, the sources said."

I don't really know why he would say there is no DUI when the police reported he was arrested for DUI. I suppose he might have been arrested for suspicion of DUI, but upon arrival at the police station, they decided not to book him for such a charge. I can't really think of anything else at this point that would indicate why there might not "actually" be a DUI.

The Santa Clara police department said they will issue a press release later this morning with more details.