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Unfounded Colin Kaepernick, Aldon Smith altercation rumor floating around Internet

There is some crap floating around the Internet regarding an altercation between Colin Kaepernick and Aldon Smith. Try not to listen to trashy gossip websites.

I was hoping to ignore this, but people are mentioning it in the comments, and my Twitter feed is getting blown up with it. The folks at TMZ and other craptastic gossip blogs are back at it again. I will not be linking to any of them, but rather giving some basic details so you know the crap they're peddling.

Earlier Friday, after word got out that Aldon Smith had been arrested, a rumor began circulating. A trashy website called Media Take Out posted something saying they had heard there been an altercation between Aldon Smith and Colin Kaepernick. There have been reports Kap is dating Nessa, an MTV personality who previously dated Aldon Smith. Crappy spelling aside, here is what the website said in a Friday morning article:

I have actually heard that Kap may not actually own a Mercedes. Additionally, the police report indicates it was a neighbor's parked car and there was minor damage. Jason Cole found a source to tell him that the car hit did not belong to Kap. And I have actually heard from a source that the Kap-Nessa thing isn't even a thing. People get pictures with Kap and they might then look to leak it out or otherwise use such pictures to their advantage.

This story has since been picked up by TMZ. They originally wrote that there was a confrontation at Thursday's practice. There was no Thursday practice, and I emailed their sports editor about that. The article was subsequently edited to say Tuesday, but no mention was made of the correction. A year ago, TMZ posted misleading pictures about Kap during the sexual assault situation. They offered a correction on that by throwing the independent photographer under the bus. This is a media site that has no problem stretching the boundary of truth as much as possible to get clicks.

Hopefully this story just dies down and goes away. I hopefully will not have to address this again, but I wanted to at least go on the record with my thoughts on this nonsense.