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Golden Nuggets: The end of Aldon Smith's tenure as a 49er

Saturday, August 8th, 2015 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of San Francisco 49ers links from the Internet

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Good morning, Faithful. Or something like that. Like the rest of you, I am still trying to recover from the horrible news of the day on Friday involving Aldon Smith. This of course being that he was arrested again, leading to the 49ers finally releasing him from the team. After everything that the team, and us as fans have endured this offseason, what a horrible way to begin the preseason. Aldon had been doing so well, and even Baalke made comments just this week about the progress that he had made as a person. So, the only way I can describe this whole situation is just, sad.

While it is always sad to see people battling addiction just from the human aspect, for me it always seems worse when the person has so much potential for greatness and just lets it go to waste. I have heard some comparisons to how Charles Haley, and Chris Carter were eventually able to straighten up after they hit rock bottom and left their original teams. So, I really do hope that Aldon is able to get his life together for himself, his family, and his career.

However, the selfish part of me is still bummed that we as 49ers fans will never get the chance to see that happen in a 49ers uniform. So, all we can do is use the phrase that we have heard many players and coaches say over the years, 'next man up'.

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