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What should we focus on at 49ers training camp Saturday, Sunday

We'll have someone on hand at training camp this weekend. What should she focus on at practice each day?

The San Francisco 49ers have practice Saturday at 4:15 p.m. PT and Sunday 1:05 p.m. PT. The 49ers will then have a day off on Monday before coming down the home stretch leading up to their preseason opener.

NN writer Jennifer Chan will be on hand for the Saturday and Sunday practices. We had a brief discussion in her last recap about having her focus in on specific things at each practice. The thought being that most recaps are the same, so why not focus on some specifics each practice, and ignore the rest of the noise.

I am chatting with her about some topic ideas, but I thought it would make sense to crowd-source this a bit. We've got a bit until practice starts, so give us your thoughts on what Jennifer should focus on. There were suggestions about charting Colin Kaepernick passes, or the wide receivers numbers. Another option might be focusing on the pass rush drills.

The team will be at their practice facility rather than in Levi's Stadium. The practice facility has two parallel fields, and sometimes action is taking place on the opposite field from where media is. That can impact what the media can see up close and track, so keep that in mind as you suggest what Jennifer should focus in on. I've let her know about this thread, so she can look through the comments leading up to practice, and also get clarification on any of the topics as needed.