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Golden Nuggets: Charles Haley gave a great speech at his induction ceremony

Sunday, August 9th, 2015 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of San Francisco 49ers links from around the Internet.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning ladies and gents. Coming to you this time from an uncomfortable laptop as my desktop is currently a big burning pile of garbage after the upgrade to Windows 10 completely ruined the machine. As such, the Golden Nuggets will be very short and sweet today as I spend the bulk of my time banging my head on my desk and clicking "Retry" on error messages.

Last night, Charles Haley was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame and gave a speech at the enshrinement ceremony. I covered that entire ceremony for SB Nation, and wrote up a very quick post on his speech which you can find here. Fooch asked me to get something for here as well, but due to the aforementioned burning husk that used to be my computer, I couldn't. I imagine he'll get something on it at some point today.

Anyway ... let's get on with your links for the day.

Charles Haley tells the best golf story in his Hall of Fame speech (Brady)

Tempers flare ... or at least warm at Camp Tomsula (Barrows)

Charles Haley Delivers Laughs, Emotion in Hall of Fame Speech (49ers)

Baalke: Decision to release Smith made before talking to him (Maiocco)

Baalke met with Aldon Smith while Tomsula was announcing his release (Barrows)

49ers practice: Offense catching up to defense (Maiocco)

49ers risers and fallers from Week 1 of camp (Biderman)

Charles Haley comes full circle as Hall of Famer (Gutierrez)

49ers sign outside linebacker to take Aldon's roster spot (Maiocco)

49ers fallout: Aldon Smith's exit has wide repercussions (Barrows)

Why Tomsula, not Baalke, spoke for organization (Maiocco)

Tomsula, Kaepenrick shoot down internet rumor (Maiocco)

OLB Shawn Lemon joins 49ers by way of nomadic journey across North America (Inman)

Camp Highlight: Asante Cleveland with the Big Gain (49ers)

Camp Highlight: Blake Bell Makes Nice Catch (49ers)