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Jarryd Hayne hasn't made the 49ers' final roster just yet, says Jim Tomsula

We'll probably see Jarryd Hayne in a 49ers uniform in the regular season, but Jim Tomsula says nothing is set in stone.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

San Francisco 49ers running back and kick returner Jarryd Hayne will probably make the 53-man roster given what he's shown thus far in the preseason, but it's not guaranteed at this point, if you believe head coach Jim Tomsula. On Tuesday, an unconfirmed report from Australian media suggested Hayne has already been told he'll make the final roster, and that Hayne has informed his friends and family of this.

Tomsula, speaking to KNBR, said that nobody has been assured a spot on the roster at this stage.

"I don't know what the rules in the media are in Australia, OK?" Tomsula said, "But you might want to fact-check, the 53 is not set."

Obviously, Tomsula is a guy that likes competition and he likes to get every last bit of effort out of his players. He wouldn't want to make public statements about the roster being set. It's entirely possible Hayne has heard enough to think of himself as safe, but I doubt Tomsula has told him one on one that he's going to be there on the roster.

It sure does seem likely he'll be there, though. Hayne has been excellent in the preseason and has a lot of big-play potential from the return position and potentially as a running back, though he still has technique issues to work on there.

The deadline for teams cutting down to 75 players is Tuesday, but the 49ers have already made it by releasing a bunch of guys, including another international player, Lawrence Okoye. Figuring out the depth at running back and returner is probably going to be difficult for the team with guys like Mike Davis, Reggie Bush and Kendall Hunter in the mix at running back, and someone like DeAndrew White at returner.

Saturday at 1 p.m. is the deadline for teams to cut down to the regular season limit of 53 players.