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NFL picks, Week 1: Football's back with Thursday Night Football!

The return of the NFL means it is time to start picking games. We have set up a weekly pick 'em contest. Here are my picks for Week 1.

Football's back! The San Francisco 49ers do not play until the final game of the week on Monday Night Football, but in the meantime, the New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers open the season on Thursday Night Football. The NFL goes for a high profile matchup to open the season, and they have done a pretty good job with this one. I'm pulling for the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC, but this could very well be a preview of the AFC Championship Game.

I'll be back this weekend with my picks against the spread, but in the meantime, I had a thought for some basic pick 'em. We have the Prediction Contest in which you predict scores for six games. That will continue every week, but I wanted to introduce another contest. Someone suggested a Yahoo! pick 'em league, and I thought, why not?

Since we have the prediction contest and will discuss picks against the spread this weekend, I thought this could be a basic pick 'em league where we just pick winners and losers. You will not need to pick against the spread, and there will not be "confidence points" to assign to each game. It's a simple game of picking winners and losers. I imagine there will be a lot of similar picks most weeks, but the tighter matchups will make things interesting.

I'll post my picks every Thursday and people can make their picks as they see fit. If you want to join in, head over to Yahoo! and join our group. Here's the information you need:

Group ID#: 44915
password: go49ers

Steelers @ Patriots: Patriots
Colts @ Bills: Colts
Packers @ Bears: Packers
Seahawks @ Rams: Seahawks
Browns @ Jets: Jets
Dolphins @ Washington: Dolphins
Panthers @ Jaguars: Jaguars
Chiefs @ Texans: Chiefs
Saints @ Cardinals: Cardinals
Lions @ Chargers: Chargers
Ravens @ Broncos: Broncos
Bengals @ Raiders: Raiders
Titans @ Buccaneers: Bucs
Giants @ Cowboys: Cowboys
Eagles @ Falcons: Falcons
Vikings @ 49ers: 49ers