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Trent Dilfer film breakdown on Vikings

The former NFL quarterback will be calling the - Monday Night Football matchup. He did some film study and had a lot of thoughts to tweet out. This one focuses on his thoughts about the Minnesota .

The San Francisco 49ers host the Minnesota Vikings on Monday, and as we prepare for the game, I wanted to take one last look at some tweets from Trent Dilfer. The former NFL quarterback will join Chris Berman in the booth for the latter half of the annual Week 1 Monday Night Football doubleheader.

Dilfer did some film study over the last week, and tweeted some thoughts on a variety of topics. We previously looked at his tweets about Colin Kaepernick, and the 49ers defense. Today, we present his tweets on the Minnesota Vikings, a team viewed by some as a darkhorse in this year's playoff race. I figure Dilfer will be hitting on a lot of these points during the broadcast, so here you go!