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Throwback Thursday: Who's ready for week 1?

For this throwback Thursday, I figured we'd channel some emotions a little bit. Remember when Singletary coached the Niners and we played the Vikings?  This game still stings, but for some reason, I ALWAYS think about it. Well, Throwback Thursday isn't always about the happy memories but defining moments of the Niners, and this game is such.  So anyways, Brett Favre, with 12 seconds lef--

IC Nothing

Oh man. I ticked HIM off. Alright.

Ahem. So forget that last idea. Let me take you to THE RUN!

So, the Vikings knocked us out of the playoffs in 1987, and we didn't take that too well. The game wasn't looking too hot to start because Steve Young just wasn't Steve Young at this point in his career. Inaccurate passes, happy feet --you name it, Young was doing it.The entire crowd at Candlestick was booing the poor guy to get off the field.

Then this happened.

Anybody who talks about Steve Young now, will bring up that run, and why not? It's absolutely incredible. Sure, you bring up Kaepernick's amazing runs, but how many people did he have to juke downfield to make it to the goal line (none). Young would hit the jets, then have to evade defenders every which way on his way to taking home a win.

There's not much else I can say. Watch the video, enjoy the memories and realize, if Kaepernick pans out like we all hope he can, he could be better than this guy. Maybe.