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Vikings coach Mike Zimmer talks read option, 49ers offense, NaVorro Bowman

The Minnesota head coach chatted with Bay Area media on Thursday. He talked about Peterson's return, the use of the read option, and . We've got a full transcript, and you can listen to audio here.

On facing new coach and what to take from preseason:

Yea, you always check coordinators, find out guys, where they've been in the past, what the kinda do. We were basically in the same situation last year. But you know, a lot of it is research from years past. I don't know how much the preseason really helps, because especially a new staff tries to hide a lot of stuff.

On vibe with Adrian Peterson return:

I think it's been good with really the state and the fans, and also with our team. He's come in and worked really hard, and been a good teammate. Obviously he's a good player, so everything's really good, actually.

On read option and Colin Kaepernick:

Yea, we know that they've done that in the past, and obviously we've got it. I would be surprised if we didn't get some.

On when they began preparing for 49ers:

Well, we've looked back, but the one thing we don't want to do is don't want to get too stale on one team. Usually you get three days of practice each week. We've had a little bit more than that. We've practiced a little bit longer on them, but we'd have a period in practice going back maybe a week or so.

On AP having rep count:

No, we don't, first of all he's in great shape. He's in really, really great shape. And no, we won't monitor his carries really. We'll get him in there, he'll be in there a large percentage of the time. And when he needs a spell, then we'll pull Matt Asiata or Jerick McKinnon in there.

On preparing for offense with Chryst primarily QB coach for a while:

Well, we try to look at what their strengths are. And where we feel their strengths are, we feel they've got some really good players on that side of the ball. A lot of times it's do what we do and be good at it. But that's one thing about in the preseason, when you start going into game-planning, you add a lot of different things. We've tried to do, we have rules and things that we always abide by with our defense that kind of holds true throughout the course of the season. You know, we may not get into a whole bunch of 6-1 looks this week, but we'll have some new wrinkles out there obviously.

On John Sullivan:

Well, he's still continuing to go on with his rehab, so we'll just see how that goes as we get going. (he has since been placed on injured reserve)

On Rhett Ellison:

No. 1, he's a great kid. And he does a lot of different jobs for us. Sometimes he's a fullback, sometimes he's a tight end, sometimes he's outside wide. He's very smart, he's very tough, he's committed to the football team and trying to help us win games. We love having guys like him.

On Bridgewater heading into year two:

Well, you know, Teddy had a great last five ballgames last year. I think he's played very well in the preseason. With a young quarterback, a second-year quarterback, it's still a process of maturation and trying to get him to continue to progress each week. And that's really what we're trying to do with him. Get him to progress, get him to continue on the progress he's made. And he's a very, very smart guy. He's very knowledgeable in things. He's a guy that, really he doesn't care about awards, or honestly, I know he said something about completion percentage, but at the end of the day, Teddy's about winning, and getting the team to perform. Those are the things I really love about him. He can care less about being a celebrity, he just wants to be a, hopefully a championship quarterback.

On assessing NaVorro Bowman this preseason:

Well, I thought he played very well. You know he's a great player, to go in there, and have time off and do the things that he did coming back from an injury. We're kind of hoping Adrian does the same thing when he comes back. I think he's a guy you have to pay special attention to on their defense because he does a lot of really great things for them.

On familiarity with Tomsula and what he's seen so far:

No, I really haven't. I've talked to him a couple times and I've known of him for a while, but I've never coached with him or really been around him too much, other than say hello. He's a guy who's going to get them to play hard. I know you can see that on tape on both sides of the ball. They play extremely hard, they've always done that when he was on defense. I can tell that he wants to be an up-tempo offense. They're getting in and out of the huddle very quickly. So those things are all kind of, what I can tell, his stamps on the way things are.