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Fanduel prices for 49ers

Editor's Note: Compete against Niners Nation writers in our week 1 fantasy football league on FanDuel. First place wins $100 and the top 20 win cash. Join now!

FanDuel Daily Fantasy Football is back in action for the 2015 season, which means it is time to start considering value plays on the San Francisco 49ers roster. Most FanDuel games get started on Sunday, so you can still take a few days to figure out your strategy.

Everybody gets a $60,000 salary cap, which equates to $6,666 for each of your nine players. You will save money on defense and kicker, where the top options are $5,000 and $5,200, respectively. Of course, you will more than make up for that when you get to the skill position players. The key becomes finding a few sleepers. You want to get some big names, but the only way to afford them is finding strong sleeper options.

Here is a look at Week 1 pricing for the notable San Francisco 49ers players. I've listed their price and where it ranks at their position. From the group below, the best sleeper might be either Vernon Davis or Reggie Bush. Davis is $1,600 less than Jimmy Graham (no Gronk since he plays on Thursday). If you think he bounces back this year, he could be a tremendous value this week.

Bush is valuable because you get a half point per reception. I have a hunch we see a lot of Bush this year, at least when healthy. That could provide tremendous value out of the gate. We've had plenty of discussion about Bush's potential presence in the passing game, so we might as well cash in on his value! If you have not yet joined the NN Week 1 FanDuel league, join in soon so can watch me dominate (or circle the drain) with Reggie Bush!

QB: Colin Kaepernick, $7,900 - 14th
RB: Carlos Hyde, $7,300 - 17th
WR: Anquan Boldin, $6,600 - 29th
WR: Torrey Smith, $6,100 - 35th
RB: Reggie Bush, $5,500 - 52nd
TE: Vernon Davis $5,300 - 13th
K Phil Dawson, $5,000 - t-5th
D/ST, $4,600 - 4th
WR Bruce Ellington, $4,500 - 135th