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Jim Tomsula talked about his role in play-calling, and the idea of magic calls

Jim Tomsula clarified his role in game-day play-calling, and had some interesting thoughts on getting the right plays in.

San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Tomsula met with the media on Thursday, and he got a chance to answer some questions about game-day play-calling. One of many questions about Tomsula has been how he will be involved with his coaching staff. We know Jim Harbaugh was an active part of the offensive play-calling. Tomsula provided a little bit of clarity on his role, saying:

No, I'll know everything that's going out there. So, if there's anything out there you don't like, I'm the guy. But, the plan and where it is right now to date, I'm very excited about. I think the guys are, we've got a really good group of coaches. We really do. And the way they, the thought process behind everything and the flow and yinging and yanging and being able to, you've got your jabs and your punches and your heavy-hitters and then you've got your change-ups. So, I really like where it is right now.

Someone asked for a little bit more clarification, to which he said:

The call to call, no, we'll have that streamlined. That's worked, in my opinion and my approach to it, that's all done during the week. So, I'll be fully aware of where everything is and we'll all be on the same page. We had a coordinators meeting yesterday and we will continue to talk through that. But, as the game changes, obviously, we've got to be able to adapt and adjust as it goes. But, the game plan itself and where we are and what we're doing, we're all on the same page. But, I won't be involved in calling the play.

Tomsula seems plenty comfortable with the coaches he has put in place, and what they bring to the table. He is seemingly comfortable letting them handle their business, and not interjecting too much on game-day. I am sure he is plenty involved in the defensive game-planning during the week, but there could be some value in him backing off during the game itself. This would seemingly be one more area that will result in a sped-up process play-to-play.

I bring all this up in part because it concluded with a comment that really nailed an important issue with the discussion of play-calling:

The players win games. The magic call, if you're searching too hard for a call you probably have more problems than that call.

Obviously certain play-calls will work better against a given defense or offense, and you'll find success with proper play-calling. But you generally should know what will work for you, and what might not work for you. Spending extra time trying to find the absolute perfect play is just not worth the effort and is a potential sign you've got bigger issues.