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Jarryd Hayne, Mike Davis serving in scout team roles at practice

The 49ers have to decide on seven inactives. Two possibilities spent the week in scout team roles.

The San Francisco 49ers are wrapping up their second of practice of the week, and preparations include the first team offense and defense facing "scout teams". Matt Maiocco reported on Friday that Jarryd Hayne assumed the role of running back Mike Asiata, while Mike Davis assumed the role of Adrian Peterson. This came a day after Cam Inman tweeted that Hayne was assuming the role of Asiata on Thursday.

The use of them in a scout team role does not guarantee either will be inactive on Monday, but it does not seem to bode well for one or both of them. My guess is one of the two is active, but not both. I just can't see the 49ers going with only Carlos Hyde and Reggie Bush at running back. The question is which will be active. The case for Hayne is he is a dynamic play-maker who brings a lot to the table as a return man. However, Mike Davis has more experience at running back, and thus the pass protection aspects of the position.

It is that latter point that makes me think Davis has a stronger case for being active. The 49ers have other return options, but after Hyde and Bush at running back, it is only Hayne and Davis. We'll find out in two days, but the speculation will continue!