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Golden Nuggets: The day before the day before the game edition

Your 49ers Links for Saturday 9/12/2015

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Good morning everyone! We have two days until gameday. That means some of you can do what you usually do when football isn't going on, and the most of you can focus on your fantasy teams without fear of the Niners coming on. Honestly, I think this season can be a hit or a miss. There is something about Jim Tomsula that screams he may actually be a much better coach than we all are thinking. It's going to depend on Monday Night. I'm looking at production and system; regardless if the Niners lose, I need to see potential for Tomsula as a head coach. I need to look and say "Ok, they got the right idea." At least that can keep my sanity. I'm not going to say we are going to win a Super Bowl, because what am I? A dellusional Seahawks fan?

Pat's Thoughts of the Week:

How good is it to see football back in action? Too bad it was for two teams half of America either loves or despises. Personally, I liked the contest between New England and Pittsburgh, even though Heath Miller kept chipping points way in my [site decorum] fantasy league. Regarding the controversy...well...I think I can write an article on that.

Sorry, but putting Jarryd Hayne in a scout team role is a terrible idea. How the hell can Hayne learn how to be a running back when he has to emulate another running back? This was not what I envisioned with his role in the 49ers. At this state, the guy needs to LEARN! And after what I've seen, forget what I wrote in my collumn--put the guy in. Put him in, see what he's got. He's got the talent and it's not like the Niners have little room for error with this squad. Let him on the field. If you are going to have him developing, treat him with kid gloves. This guy isn't out of college, this guy is doing his first year. You can't learn how to be good by emulating someone else when you have no idea how they do things.

So, Aldon Smith signs with the Raiders. I'd be lying if I told you I didn't see it coming. What follows now is going to be interesting to the NFL. Will they lay the hammer or will they give him a pass? Remember: Aldon got NINE games last year for his second DUI with no room for appeal. Granted, he had to agree to the games so he could work out in the 49ers facilities, but I sniffed something in the whole mess. Now I want to see what the NFL does, post slap after Brady is allowed to return to work. If Aldon gets an equal or lesser punishment, the NFL has worse to worry about than the entire Brady shindig (and we can officially call a conspiracy on Harbaugh).

Let's get to the Links!

Ex-teammates on 49ers happy Aldon Smith getting another chance Interesting look at the 49ers thoughts on Aldon Smith's new gig.

I can't be more happy than for the return of 1/2 of the Doublemint Twins: 49ers LB Ahmad Brooks ready for Vikings

Let's check in on Tim Kawakami and see what he has to say. Kawakami: 49ers making statement with new uniforms

Never forget the events of 9/11/2001 49ers Players Pause to Remember 9/11

Aldon Smith can play pending further developments

My "TK Show" conversation with Ronnie Lott: On Aldon Smith signing with the Raiders, the 49ers' new direction, Chris Mullin, and so much more

Jarryd Hayne NFL: San Francisco rookie prepares for bench role - If this happens, I hope it's not for too long

What a horrible night to have a curse...