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Australian pubs get ready for Jarryd Hayne, 49ers-Vikings

I really hope Jarryd Hayne plays on Monday, if only for the sake of Australians. I can't imagine the pub below is the only one advertising the opportunity to watch Jarryd Hayne this Monday (Tuesday over there). The game will broadcast on ESPN's Australian affiliate, and the rest of his games will be broadcast down there through 7mate.

Fans are obviously a little bit excited, and we have seen it from the media in attendance at the 49ers facility. One of them made a joke to special teams coach Thomas McGaughey about Australians rioting if Hayne does not play on Monday. It's a joke, but if Hayne is inactive, it will be interesting to see how Australian media covers the situation. The Sydney Morning Herald and the Daily Telegraph have devoted extensive coverage to Hayne's exploits in America. If he is inactive, I imagine they can find something to discuss about it, but it will be interesting to see if the focus pulls away from him to the team as a whole, or just focuses on him.

I honestly have no idea what to expect on Monday. He showed he was a dynamic returner, but we really don't know what the 49ers think of the rest of his game. If they think he can contribute in all four phases of special teams, is that enough to overcome any potential deficiencies in his pass protection skills as a running back? Or are the 49ers sand-bagging us even on that issue to keep the Vikings in the dark on Hayne's status?