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Texans stadium dealing with turf issues, Chiefs not pleased

Somebody else is dealing with turf issues! A day before the San Francisco 49ers open the 2015 season at Levi's Stadium, it is the Houston Texans dealing with turf issues. They are hosting the Kansas City Chiefs, and the NRG Stadium playing surface is not looking good.

That seam appears to be a significant issue, and something that will hopefully be fixed by the time the game starts. The 49ers have been the butt of numerous jokes for field conditions at Levi's Stadium, but things turned out fine for their preseason games against the Cowboys and Chargers. The previous turf that was a problem had reportedly been cut a little too short, which prevented it from rooting properly. We'll continue to monitor that, but hopefully we've reached the end of that story.

In the meantime, to Houston Texans fans, I say this: