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What did Aldon Smith mean with these post-game comments?

I can't imagine somebody being this completely lacking in self-awareness to think this, but I would not put anything past him at this point. Hopefully it really is just about the .

Fooch's update: Video is now available, which you can view HERE. He doesn't seem outright pissed off in making his comment, but it is impossible to know what he means exactly.

Fooch's update No. 2: Aldon had this to say (I updated the title from "Did Aldon Smith take a shot at the 49ers for releasing him?")

The Oakland Raiders wrapped up an ugly season opener, losing to the Cincinnati Bengals 33-13. The game marked the Raiders debuts for wide receiver Michael Crabtree and outside linebacker Aldon Smith. Earlier this week, Crabtree had some comments that were not particularly nice about his former team and his former quarterback. He did not specifically say Colin Kaepernick, but it certainly appeared to be a shot at Kap.

Aldon Smith was active in his first game with the Raiders, and managed a couple tackles and a pressure on the quarterback. After the game, he spoke with the media, and made this rather interesting comment:

Now it is entirely possible he is just talking about the Raiders, and this has no bearing on the 49ers. The reporter in question, Jimmy Durkin, tweeted that because I'd imagine he got some salty tweets from 49ers fans. While it is possible this means nothing, it is a very odd comment to make by the former 49er. Specifically saying the Raiders look out for their players makes it very easy to infer that his previous team did not. And considering he's been there all of three days would seem to indicate he is just parroting what Justin Tuck or Michael Crabtree or someone else has told him.

I say it is possible he is not talking about the 49ers because of how patently absurd it is that he would think the 49ers did not look after him. He was arrested four times and charged with additional crimes in a fifth incident (the party at his place where I don't think a formal arrest occurred) during his time with the 49ers. The 49ers did not release him until after the fifth legal issue. He was arraigned on that earlier this week, and will be back in court on October 6.

I just can't imagine he is so completely lacking in self-awareness to think he did not get a more than fair shake by the 49ers. That is the one reason I am inclined to hope this is just a general comment, and not about the 49ers. He doesn't really deserve much benefit of the doubt, but I am really hoping that is the case.