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Jarryd Hayne now sponsored by Under Armour

The new star gets his first sponsorship of what should be several

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

And let the endorsements begin! On Sunday, news from the Syndney Morning Herald said that San Francisco 49ers running back and return man, Jarryd Hayne is officially a member of Team Under Armour. The company later confirmed it on Twitter:

It should not be surprising at all that companies are looking to snap Jarryd Hayne up for endorsement deals. He's already a mega-celebrity in Australia, and is quickly gaining a lot of street cred in the NFL for his shifty, high wow-factor punt returns. It may be a bit early for his name to start showing up on these kinds of things, but most of the time, this is a matter of beating others to the punch. Sometimes, the party being courted will take their time. Colin Kaepernick waited quite a while before he began signing endorsement deals as he wanted to build up his brand, as his marketing agent said.

In any case, I wouldn't be surprised if we start seeing Jarryd Hayne Under Armour pictures showing up in department stores in the near future. Who knows, this already makes us want to go buy some gym shorts now.

Anyone else want to take a guess on who else picks him up? What/who do you think this guy is a perfect spokesman for?