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Time to get pumped for 49ers-Vikings!

It's game day! What are you doing to get stoked?

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

So, in case you didn't know,  the San Francisco 49ers play football today. How great is it to have this atrocious off season behind us and to finally see some regular season football?

I know a lot of fans have rituals in preparation for the game. Perhaps its a certain song they play, some highlight videos, or a drink they like to sip on. For me it's tunes.  And  if we're going to get pumped, I'm going to get us pumped right.Let's get some music for this thread:

This came on my music player before I went to watch the 49ers a few years ago, and now it's kind of my "beginning of the season, get jacked up" song. The rocking 90s midi seems to get my blood going for whatever the reason. I also have some highlights and games from the prior season saved that I'll roll out to get ready for awesomeness.

But I know you guys got some better tunes, or some better rituals. What do you do to get pumped? Tailgate? Order a burrito as big as my head?

By the way, anyone got some good songs they may listen to for the mood? List them below. I'll see if I can't collect some and put some of your favorite songs into some pre-game posts for other games in the season. Today we can take some listens and get ourselves even more pumped.