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49ers using black end zones for black alternate jersey games

The San Francisco are going with a new end zone look when they wear their black alternate uniforms. It starts tonight with Monday Night Football.

The San Francisco 49ers have rolled out something new for their Monday Night Football opener. The team is going to have black painting in the end zone to surround the 49ers lettering. Personally I prefer the red and gold playoff version, but for the black jerseys, I get what they're trying to do.

It sounds like this is going to be exclusively for the two game in which they wear the black and red uniforms. They will sport the black alternates for the Monday Night Football opener against the Minnesota Vikings, and Week 12 against the Arizona Cardinals.

I imagine opinions will be divided about this, like they are with the uniforms, but I can get behind this. It is a change from tradition, but clearly the team wants to create some new traditions. This is certainly a big step for that kind of thing.