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49ers install flags for Super Bowl teams, and they're showing some wind!

It's looking windy as we check out the new Super Bowl flags in the San Francisco 49ers stadium.

One of the complaints about Levi's Stadium last season was the lack of history. The team had the 49ers Museum, but for people inside the stadium, there was really nothing showing the history. This year, the team has changed that. I took the above picture of the five Super Bowl flags now appearing in the stadium. They are on the southeast side of the upper deck, and if you can't tell, list the roman numeral for each victory.

What is particularly notable about this today is how hard they are flying. As you can likely see in the picture, they are blowing pretty hard from the south to the north. In watching the kickers down below, short field goals are fine, but longer field goals are struggling a bit. I'll try and update which way teams are going with the wind over on Twitter, because it is going to be a storyline for this game.

Phil Dawson does plenty of prep for the wind, but when it is blowing fairly hard like it is right now, there's only so much you can do. The wind is supposed to slow down to around 9 mph tonight, but we'll see. It will be interesting to see if Phil Dawson and/or Blair Walsh play a significant role in the outcome of this game.