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49ers-Vikings final score: was a good day

It's a late close to the night, but before the Golden Nuggets go up, I had to make sure we got this one up. For people who began visiting the site this offseason, after most San Francisco 49ers wins, we drop this to close out the night. It was tough at times last season, but tonight is definitely worth bringing this one back. And given the late game, we'll bump back the Golden Nuggets just a little bit.

The 49ers handled their business on Monday, bringing serious physicality on both sides of the ball. They were the better team, and it showed. It is certainly worth noting this was just one game. After all, the 49ers beat the Dallas Cowboys in solid fashion a year ago, only to see the season go south.

But you know what? For one day, the 49ers quieted a lot of the naysayers. They will need to build on this next week, and moving forward to beat some of the teams on their schedule, but for now, this was most definitely a good day.