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Video of Carlos Hyde with the Levi's Leap after touchdown run

Carlos Hyde burst on the scene Monday, putting together a 2-touchdown, 168-yard performance against the Minnesota Vikings. He capped his second touchdown with a Levi's Leap into the stands We've got video, and a transcript of his post-game comments.

This past preseason, San Francisco 49ers players introduced what some are now calling the Levi's Leap. After a touchdown, a player runs out of the end zone and jumps into the stands a la the Lambeau Leap. Quinton Patton was the first player to do it, following the touchdown he scored after blocking a punt in the end zone.

I have no idea if this will have long-term staying power, but running back Carlos Hyde was the first to do it in a regular season game. After his second touchdown, Hyde ran out of the end zone and made the leap. And now there's video of it! In the video, we see Hyde run out of the end zone and into the awaiting arms of the fans. The fans are excited for the touchdown, but then hearing them lose it as Hyde jumps into the stands with them is pretty awesome. Here's the video:

Monday was an absolutely ridiculous performance by Hyde. He became the 49ers first running back other than Frank Gore to surpass 100 yards rushing since Brian Westbrook did it in 2010. His 168 yards made him the first running back other than Frank Gore to surpass 150 yards since Kevan Barlow did it in 2003. It marked the sixth best single game rushing performance in 49ers history, and was the best performance by a 49ers running game in their first game as a starter, since 1970. He led the NFL in rushing in Week 1, and with the two scores, look for him to be a strong contender for offensive player of the week.

Here is some of what Hyde had to say to the media after the game.

How do like the new zone blocking scheme?

"I love it. Feel like everybody got all-state tonight. Felt good though."

Why does that style fit your running style so well?

"Because I've got the option. It's really up to me. I have to read. My first read to my second read, so it's really up to me. My awesome line, they do a great job of zone blocking and make it easy for me to hit those comebacks I was hitting tonight. But yeah, you know, just really up to me. Be patient and there's a pretty good chance there's going to be a hole there. You've just got to hit it.'"

Your predecessor former 49ers and current Indianapolis Colts RB Frank Gore never wanted to come out of the game. He always got stronger and stronger as the game goes on. Are you the same way?

"Yes, definitely. Our offense, I just try to be that momentum builder for our offense. Get the offense rolling. Spark the offense so we're able to drive down the field and put some points on the board. So, I just try and go out there and be that momentum builder for the offense."

Did you expect to get that much work tonight? We're you told this would happen?

"No. I didn't expect it. But, you've just got to always be ready. Tonight, I was ready."

Can you describe the spin move that got you off--?

"I watched film this week and I watched the Washington game when they played the Vikings last year. The running back, he was, they run pretty much what we run. So, I saw one play, the running back had a run similar to what I had tonight and 99's [Vikings DE Danielle Hunter] hips are pretty stiff. So, I said, when I get that chance in the game, I've got a move for him. And he was that guy back there. And that spin move killed him."

Have you gotten a text from Ohio State WR Braxton Miller? A similar spin move, you probably saw it this weekend.

"I actually was just walking past the TV and he tweeted B-button."

What inspired the Levi's® leap?

"[WR Quinton Patton] QP. I see QP do it all the time. Quinton Patton, he does it all the time. Why not? The fans, they believe in us, so why not? Cheer with them too."

Any beverages poured on you or anything?

"No. It was actually two Vikings fans right there. They was probably pretty mad."

They say something?

"No. They didn't say anything."

You also wear number 28, you were hoping to out-play--?

"You know, that was also in the back of my head. Outdoing a guy who been leading the NFL in rushing, that tremendous, to outdo a guy like that. [Minnesota Vikings RB] Adrian Peterson's a great running back. Can't take anything away from him. I used to watch his highlights."

How's it feel to be the league leader right now in rushing yards after Week 1?

"Feels good. We just got to keep it going. We've got to get ready for Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh's a really good team. They've got a really good defense. So, this week, we've got to have really good practices this week. Great practices this week."

With all the things that happened this offseason and all the people leaving, including Frank, did this game show anything about what this 49ers team is about?

"It did. I think it showed that we blocked out all those distractions. We came together as a group and as a team. A good bond going on in that locker room. A bunch of guys that believe in each other. That's all you need. You get a group like that, you can go out there and compete with anybody."

G/T Alex Boone and T Joe Staley did a great job on the left side. It seemed like you had a lot of room on the left side tonight. Is that your comfort zone there?

"I wouldn't say that. Joe, he was telling me, ‘On these zones, 73 [Vikings DT Sharrif Floyd] is running off. If I cut him, there's a hole backside so hit it.' The last touchdown, that's exactly what happened. And there were runs before that where I was hitting the backside, you know, just being patient. We'll just be patient, wait for that hole to open up and when it does, just hit it."

How much better do you think now, having a year of experience under your belt, you are then you were at the season opener last season?

"I just think my approach to the game is totally different. Just knowing that I'm that guy now. So, I really took it upon myself to really study, really get into that film and really go to practice and practice hard. Not take any reps off at practice. I go to practice and I go hard. So, when I get to the game, it easy for me. I'll do this all day. Just my approach to the game is totally different."