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49ers-Vikings post-game transcripts: Jim Tomsula, Colin Kaepernick, Kenneth Acker and more

The San Francisco 49ers got their season off to a strong start, with a 20-3 victory over the Minnesota Vikings. We've got the post-game transcripts for you. They do not include all player comments, but they give us a good handle on things.

Head Coach Jim Tomsula
Press Conference - September 14, 2015
San Francisco 49ers vs. Minnesota Vikings

Opening comments:

"Good evening. First off with the injuries, [RB] Reggie Bush, it's a calf strain. We don't think it's serious, but again we'll take care of that. But, that's all we've got coming out of the game. So, tonight's game, I mean, obviously proud of the players and the coaches and the organization and for a victory. Obviously, some things, a lot of things we need to work on. A lot of respect to [Vikings head] Coach Zimmer and the Minnesota Vikings, hard playing team and nothing but respect for them. So, with that, any questions?"

I assume penalties weren't something you were pleased with.

"No sir, not at all."

Overall, what did you, how did you feel about the performance of your guys today?

"The performance, the whole team?"


"I felt like there were some good things out there and I felt like there's a lot of work we've got to keep doing. I was proud of the fact, we had seven penalties in the first half. And, I think it was, we had three or four on offense and we had some special teams penalties. And, some younger guys on special teams right now busting their butts, but that's no excuse. We've got to clean that up. That's got to be clean. I was happy as we addressed it at half time and came out the second half, I believe, it was one penalty. Still, one too many when you shoot yourself in the foot, we can't do things like that. So, that's obviously an area that we need to work on."

The right side of the line has been criticized a lot. You ran right a lot tonight. What can you say about that and was that always the plan coming into this game?

"Yes sir, I mean, the criticism hasn't come from me. We are not there yet. This is one game in a long season, so we're not there by any means. But, I've not defended the offensive line, people have their opinions. Again, I just deal with what we see in practice and the way we work."

Did you go into the game expecting RB Carlos Hyde would get this many carries was that part of the plan?

"Yeah, I mean, we wanted to run the football. I mean, obviously, when Reggie went out with that. So, but Carlos did an awesome, awesome job running the football. But, again, I'm into the team aspect of it, that offensive line, the wide receivers, I mean, the blocking, [QB] Colin [Kaepernick] getting us in the right plays. So, it's a team effort."

With WR Bruce Ellington replacing RB Jarryd Hayne at punt returner, did Reggie Bush's injury have anything to do with that?

"Yes, yes it did. We wanted to make sure that we had Jarryd ready on offense. We went into the game with three punt returners and ended up, in this game, utilizing all three."

Jim, it's a team effort as you say, but what does it mean to your defense to have LB NaVorro Bowman back and apparently at full strength.

"Well, you can't say enough about NaVorro Bowman. Obviously, what he's overcome and you respect that. And, he's a great player. But again, one of the things I respect most about NaVorro is the way he plays team defense and he's playing with the guys. You see him running rubs and different things so other people can make plays off of him. That's unselfish play and that, to me, is what I admire the most."

Not many defenses can limit RB Adrian Peterson to the extent that you did tonight. Why did it, what did you do exactly on defense that was able to be so effective against one of the better runners in the league?

"Well, we have nothing but respect for Adrian Peterson and their offense, their offensive coaches. I was very proud of the defense's performance, our defense's performance. [Defensive coordinator] Eric Mangini and the defensive staff, I felt like it was a well-called game, it was a good game plan. And, we're happy about that. We've still got a lot of work to do."

Slow starting game, were there concerns there in the first half that things were not going to get going in the right way for you guys, or not?

"No, I don't think that way. I don't. The things that we can control, we need to control and we need to handle. And, pre-snap penalties, any of the penalties, we got off-track there on the clock down there in the red zone. That's inexcusable and we need to make sure that we have that fixed. But, our whole thing here is, ‘own it, fix it, move on.' So, as we're going through a game, that's another thing I just really appreciate with the coaches and players, is the communication between series. Let's fix, let's clean up, we're not looking to assign blame. Its game day, we need to fix and move on."

Jim, what'd you think of Jarryd Hayne's debut and was there any second guessing after he muffed that first punt?

"No sir. No sir. Players play football and sometimes things happen. Jarryd has got the mindset, in my mind, that he'll overcome. The only thing that I tell the guys that I can promise them is going to happen in a football game, is something's not going to go right somewhere and we need to be able to get to the next play and we need to keep going. Don't let one play hurt you twice. So, it's limited to, ‘that's it, that's what it was, next play.'

Were you happy with his carries?

"Yes, yes. I'm very happy with Jarryd."

At what point during the week did you know that Hayne was going to be active? If you can tell us.

"I guess I could say today. We just go back and forth. We've got to look at what a guy can do when you start talking about the 37, 38, 39, 40. You start getting to 40 to 46, ok, where can you help us? How many places can you help us? What's the game plan for the week? How do we want to attack the guy, the team that we're playing? So, that's where that comes in. There are guys that are very capable. We feel great about the guys that weren't dressed today - that we feel great about. In this particular game and the matchups and what we were looking at, that was the 46 we decided on."

What would you like the identity of this team to be and how much of it did we see tonight?

"The first thing I would like this team to be is a team. And, that's what I think we have. That's what I believe we have. It's a really neat locker room but I'd like to be tough minded and tough physically and smart."

What'd you think Kaepernick did best tonight?

"You're watching the game, you see him getting us in the correct calls. You see him getting us in the correct runs. You see him killing a pass and going to a run. You see him killing a run and going to a pass. Doing all of those things. I thought he knows what he's looking at. I thought Kap played a wonderful game. I thought he did everything we asked him to do."

What was your impression of Carlos' spin move on that first touchdown run?

"Yeah, that's you see him doing that everyday. The old Tom Rathman, they hit that bag drive and you see them spinning off. You all stand down there. Almost got somebody hurt the other day. But, you see that drill every day.

Did you mind him jumping into the stands?

"I'm really not into the whole fluff thing, but when stuff's real, when guys are excited and somethings real, I enjoy real. When they're that excited and they can share it with the fans there. And, obviously, the whole leap up to the thing is fun for everybody. I can't jump that high so I would never do it."

LB Ahmad Brooks and LB Aaron Lynch, seems like they brought their ‘A' game tonight coming off the edge. What'd you think of their performance?

"Yeah, I thought it was good, but again, the way we do it, the pass rush is a choreographed event to try to get the one-on-ones for whoever we need to get the one-on-ones. And when you do, you need to win the matchup. And, I felt like they did, but I felt like the other guys inside did that too."

QB Colin Kaepernick
Press Conference - September 14, 2015
San Francisco 49ers vs. Minnesota Vikings

Overall, how do you feel about Game 1 of the 2015 season?

"I think we came out and executed pretty well. We had some penalties that we shot ourselves in the foot with. But, we were able to run the ball well. Offense line played great and we made plays when we needed to."

Can you talk about RB Carlos Hyde's performance tonight?

"He ran great. Ran aggressive and that's what we need out of him. He came out and performed well. Our offensive line, our tight ends did a great job. Our receivers got in and blocked people for him too and opened up some holes.'"

Can you talk about the offensive line in general tonight? It's a new unit meshing together but to have that performance in the first game. From your vantage point, what did you see from those guys?

"It was great. They came out, they played a really good game. I don't think there's going to be too many things for them to correct off of that. They were able to run the ball well. The pockets were clean when we were throwing. We just had a few penalties that we shot ourselves in the foot, but other than that, it was a clean overall game."

Overall, after the offseason, so many new faces, new starters on both sides of the ball. What do you think about just how the young guys stepped up and really didn't miss a beat with all the turnover?

"Yeah. That's what this team's been doing. It's been working to make sure we're ready for these games and the rest of the season. And I think it was a good start for us today to get out there, get this first win and get that experience under a lot of people's belts."

It seemed like you and TE Vernon Davis kind of found or rekindled that connection and he had more receiving yards tonight than he had in any game last season. Where did you kind of feel that things were opening up for him in the offense?

"A lot of it is just communication that we have throughout the week. How he's going to run a route versus different coverage's and how we want to try and manipulate things to get him the ball. And he went out, played great tonight and made some big plays for us."

How important did you think it was to get that touchdown before halftime?

"It was big for us. That was the first drive that we really put everything together and got into the end zone. But, up until that point, we had a few mistakes here, a few mistakes there that kept us out of the end zone, kept us out of scoring drives. And we needed that. We needed that confidence going into the second half."

How much interaction do you have with head coach Jim Tomsula on the sideline during the game?

"It really depends. Here and there. Most of the time is spent with [quarterbacks] coach [Steve] Logan."

Do you think that everyone kind of rallied around him or I mean, what's it like to play for a Jim Tomsula coached team?

"It's amazing. He has great confidence in his players just going out and playing and allowing us to go out and make plays. And, he continues to tell us that. He continues to preach that. I think that's what gives this team energy, gives this team life."

How cool was that after the game to be able to hand the ball over to him?

"It was amazing. He's done a lot for this team, a lot for this organization in a very short amount of time. And he was one of the people that's been good to me since I ever got here. So, to see him be the head coach and get his first win and help be a part of that was amazing."

That was from the final kneel down?


Carlos Hyde is a very explosive back. Can he have 26 carries for 15 more games?

"I don't know. You'll have to ask him, But, I will say he's in the weight room, he's working hard. So, I wouldn't put anything past him."

Were you expecting something like this out of him? I mean, I'm sure you knew he was capable, but to explode this quickly in the season?

"I think it was something our team and our coaches knew that he was capable of and they put him in a position to make those plays. Our offensive line did a great job giving him those opportunities to make some cuts and make big plays for us. And, he did everything that was asked of him and more."

CB Kenneth Acker
Postgame Quotes - September 14, 2015
San Francisco 49ers vs. Minnesota Vikings

First NFL game, first NFL start. How did it all go for you tonight?

"It felt comfortable. Everybody is out there communicating everything and a lot of the older guys were helping me out. So, I didn't feel like I was out there by myself."

During the game I got a text from my dad saying Acker is playing some feisty football. Would that describe your play tonight?

"I think so. I tried to come up and deliver a blow before a blow was delivered to me. I pretty much just have to go watch the film, see my mistakes and try to get better for next game."

You guys bottled up Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson and Minnesota Vikings QB Teddy Bridgewater and only allowed three points late in the game. What was so successful as a group for this defense?

"Just the communication. Going back to the communication. When everybody's talking we have a pretty solid defense. Everybody's just getting on the same page, getting back in their groove and everything, as well as me."

How'd the week of preparation go? Obviously it was still a competition to get that job, but it looks like they named you that guy and had that trust in you.

"Yeah, I pretty much just took it as another opportunity. Every week they told us it was a competition, so I was just going out there, trying to put my best foot forward, and they saw that I was working hard and they let me get the start. I appreciate the organization and I'm going to hold it as long as I can."

S Antoine Bethea
Postgame Quotes - September 14, 2015
San Francisco 49ers vs. Minnesota Vikings

You came at them in waves. You had fresh legs on the defensive line and a lot of young bucks in the secondary. The team is not just 11 players, it looked like you had 22 guys tag-teaming it out there on the defense.

"That's what it's about. It's about 11 guys flying to the ball. I think everybody did that, defensive line turning around and getting to the ball, LB NaVorro Bowman, LB Michael Wilhoite, secondary just running to the ball. Whatever it is and whoever is coming in, everyone knows the motto, ‘get to the ball.' As long as we can put that on film and let opposing offenses see what we have they'll be thinking about that."

What about head coach Jim Tomsula's influence on this team and on you?

"Obviously, you can see whatever he says to us in the locker room, his emotion, his personality, that's our team. We carry that over to the field. You can see the offensive line, the way they were blocking. RB Carlos Hyde, the way he was running the ball. We're just doing it for him, he's our leader."

We know you have the wallop but you also have the wheels. On that deep ball to Vikings WR Mike Wallace, one of the fastest guys in the NFL, you were going stride for stride with him and knocked it away in the end zone.

"Yeah, I'm just trying to do my job. They try to call me an old man, but I try to tell them I've still got some wheels left in here."

WR Anquan Boldin
Postgame Quotes - September 14, 2015
San Francisco 49ers vs. Minnesota Vikings

On the first drive the offense gets all the way down but then it kind of sputters at the end with the blocked field goal. But, to come back and do what you did as a group today, what do you take out of this win?

"I think we did a pretty good job. Still have some things we have to clean up, shooting ourselves in the foot with penalties, work on finishing drives. But, other than that I thought we moved the ball well. The offensive line played their butts off, [RB] Carlos [Hyde] ran great, outside we made plays when we had to. That's the identity we want to establish. We want to be physical up front because everybody knows that's where you win ball games."

That was a big thing, the question was about the offensive line, especially the right side because those players are new, and even where you have C Marcus Martin at center, who wasn't there last year. Where did you see them start to really click in this game?

"They came out, like you said, on the first drive and we wanted to pound them, and we did that. Like I said, we stubbed our toe with the penalties but we started to correct those, talked about it at the half, came back out and started moving the ball the way we wanted to. We had our tempo going and kind of saw them getting tired."

What can you say about this defense holding Vikings RB Adrian Peterson to 31 yards total and just do what they were able to do?

"I expect it out of them. We see them every day in practice, so we know what kind of talent they have. They've done a great job all preseason. They just needed to get out there and prove the doubters wrong tonight, and they did that."

Now you travel to Pittsburgh on a short week. What's the biggest thing this team has to take out of this win and into the Steelers game?

"First we just have to make this win count, and that means going to Pittsburgh and trying to get a win. They're a tough team, they would like to be physical. They don't want to start the season 0-2, so they'll come out playing their best."

G/T Alex Boone
Postgame Quotes - September 14, 2015
San Francisco 49ers vs. Minnesota Vikings

How do you explain, everybody talks about the offensive line, you have to have continuity. Guys have to be there for a long period of time. That unit played so well tonight. How do you explain having all those new guys in there and playing as well as you did?

"We just go in thinking we're brothers. Everybody's got everybody's back. We have a lot of fun out there and just a lot of smart guys. Tough guys, that's what you want in your O-Line. Not pretty, out there mauling people, having fun, getting dirt with it. It was a great day."

You're obviously playing a new position, but the scheme has changed pretty significantly. What was that transition like and what does it say about you guys that you're able to play well in the new scheme in your first game out?

"Well, I think the scheme, a lot of it was Carlos making great cuts and he runs so hard. A lot of people, I think, towards the end of that game realized he wasn't going to back down either. At the end of the day, it's a great scheme for him and our backs and the offensive line is doing well with it."

LB NaVorro Bowman
Press Conference - September 14, 2015
San Francisco 49ers vs. Minnesota Vikings

NaVorro, how did it feel just to get out there again and play at a high level in primetime?

"It felt great. Going through practice this week, I was trying to time it up to see which day I wanted to take a break and I didn't get to take a whole day. And, I think that led up to me just getting the knee ready for a complete game to play at that high level. So, I felt great throughout the whole game. Confident, just worried about the game plan and not my knee."

NaVorro, with all those changes to the defense over the offseason was there any part of you that couldn't be convinced at how things would be until you saw it on the field? And what did you think of the group performance?

"No. The road that I knew I was going to have this year, leading by example is really the best way to get a group of guys on the same page, and that's basically what I tried to do leading up to this point and ultimately demonstrate the type of play that we like seeing on Sundays, or Mondays I should say. So, it wasn't really a challenge. Just having a group of guys that want to be like that, want to be better, want to play with an identity. I think that was a great stepping stone for us today."

A well called game today from defensive coordinator Eric Mangini's point of view. Do you feel like he dialed up the blitzes at the right time?

"He knows what he's doing. And, I've been saying since day one, we have a lot of variety in this defense and no matter what our offense is doing we have an answer for it. He's trusted us to take on everything that he's been throwing at us. And, some defenses can't handle the bulk of it. We've done a great job as a group with understanding what he's trying to accomplish and executing it out there on the field."

What was the one thing that stood out the most to you as far as how this defense has changed since you last stepped on the field?

"Scheme wise or--?"

Personnel-wise, scheme-wise, what really jumps out at you?

"Scheme-wise, it allows guys to make a lot of plays, and for me as a middle linebacker, it allows me to command the defense and make all the right checks and get everyone on the right page. And personnel-wise, we have a group of young guys that know how to play the game of football. But, understanding when to take your shots in certain points of the game is really just what they are going to have to learn. But, personnel-wise, we have the right guys for it."

Are your responsibilities in this defense similar to what they were before when you were playing the "Mike" in the previous one or do you have more responsibility?

"Yeah, a lot more responsibility and I'm embracing it. It's fun to be as active as I have to be out there during a football game. That's what you live for as a linebacker."

Relieved to have the first full game back and over with, where you can go on to week two and now there's no more talk about it?

"Honestly, I just want to get through the year. And week-by-week, continue getting better, more confident with my knee and ultimately lead this team to the playoffs and so forth."

So, what's head coach Jim Tomsula like out there on the sidelines?

"Great. He tells it how it is. If anything big happens out there he's big on moving on to the next play. That's how he operates. We don't try to hop on what's happened before, we try to just keep it moving. He's real positive when something good happens, but if it's not good, he's going to let us know. That's what you need in a coach, a guy that's right there, even keel and tells us how it is."

I have a broad question, but what's the secret to holding RB Adrian Peterson to 30 yards?

"No secret. I think guys were really up for this game. I'm sure [RB] Adrian [Peterson] will get a lot better throughout the season. It was his first game in a long time. So, we want to show respect to the opponent also. We started from the bottom and worked our way with a new coaching staff, new playbook and things like that and had a lot of doubters. I think guys see that we're about business."

What happened when you had to come out for a play?

"I just got hit in the groin. I tried to fight it off, but it wouldn't let me. But it went away and I was able to go back out there."

Is Eric Mangini on former San Francisco 49ers and current Chicago Bears defensive coordinator Vic Fangio's par in terms of preparing for a game?

"Yeah, I mean shoot. Vic's a great defensive coordinator also. He just does things a little bit different. Some coaches like sitting in and executing that defense, and Eric's more of a variety type of coach where he wants the offense to defend us and then us to defend the offense."

Seems like part of the success you guys had on third down had to do with S Jaquiski Tartt being on the field. What's it like playing with three safeties on the field and what kind of dynamic does that add to a defense?

"Yeah, me and [S] Jaquiski [Tartt] have been trying to get on the same page throughout this whole camp and he's done a great job. Being as young as he is, trying to learn as much as coach is asking him to learn with going back to safety and coming up playing in the box, that's a challenge for a rookie. So, he's done a great job. I enjoy playing with him because he listens and goes out there and does the right thing."

RB Jarryd Hayne
Postgame Quotes - September 14, 2015
San Francisco 49ers vs. Minnesota Vikings

How would you describe the feeling out there for the people, playing for the 49ers?

"It was good. Obviously, to get the win, first game at home is in our favor. It was great."

How did you play tonight, were you happy?

"Yeah, I was disappointed with that first drop. Other than that, I felt it was smooth. Definitely the man of the night was [RB] Carlos Hyde, running the rock. It was great to learn from him."

What was that feeling like when you got the news and when did you find out?

"I didn't really find out. It wasn't really clear it was kind of one of those things that you just roll with."

Is that something you prepare for? Do they let you know that you're active or you're just active until you're not? How does that work?

"I'm not too sure. It was my first time. It's kind of one of those things when you're training and when you're getting reps, you kind of realize if you're active or not or if you're on the cusp of being active. I just prepared as best I could and I'll definitely learn from this game. It started off a bit shaky, but it was good to get a couple runs."

It's been almost a year since you left rugby. You were out there tonight. This is it. Did it live up to the moment with the crowd standing there and with the helmet on?

"Yeah, I guess it's tough to look back and see how far I've come. Everything happens so fast over here. Every day I've been going to meetings thinking that I might as well be in Australia playing in another league. I'm just in there, learning and obviously just doing my best."

RB Carlos Hyde
Press Conference - September 14, 2015
San Francisco 49ers vs. Minnesota Vikings

How do like the new zone blocking scheme?

"I love it. Feel like everybody got all-state tonight. Felt good though."

Why does that style fit your running style so well?

"Because I've got the option. It's really up to me. I have to read. My first read to my second read, so it's really up to me. My awesome line, they do a great job of zone blocking and make it easy for me to hit those comebacks I was hitting tonight. But yeah, you know, just really up to me. Be patient and there's a pretty good chance there's going to be a hole there. You've just got to hit it.'"

Your predecessor former 49ers and current Indianapolis Colts RB Frank Gore never wanted to come out of the game. He always got stronger and stronger as the game goes on. Are you the same way?

"Yes, definitely. Our offense, I just try to be that momentum builder for our offense. Get the offense rolling. Spark the offense so we're able to drive down the field and put some points on the board. So, I just try and go out there and be that momentum builder for the offense."

Did you expect to get that much work tonight? We're you told this would happen?

"No. I didn't expect it. But, you've just got to always be ready. Tonight, I was ready."

Can you describe the spin move that got you off--?

"I watched film this week and I watched the Washington [Redskins] game when they played the Vikings last year. The running back, he was, they run pretty much what we run. So, I saw one play, the running back had a run similar to what I had tonight and 99's [Vikings DE Danielle Hunter] hips are pretty stiff. So, I said, when I get that chance in the game, I've got a move for him. And he was that guy back there. And that spin move killed him."

Have you gotten a text from Ohio State WR Braxton Miller? A similar spin move, you probably saw it this weekend.

"I actually was just walking past the TV and he tweeted B-button."

What inspired the Levi's® leap?

"[WR Quinton Patton] QP. I see QP do it all the time. Quinton Patton, he does it all the time. Why not? The fans, they believe in us, so why not? Cheer with them too."

Any beverages poured on you or anything?

"No. It was actually two Vikings fans right there. They was probably pretty mad."

They say something?

"No. They didn't say anything."

You also wear number 28, you were hoping to out-play--?

"You know, that was also in the back of my head. Outdoing a guy who been leading the NFL in rushing, that tremendous, to outdo a guy like that. [Minnesota Vikings RB] Adrian Peterson's a great running back. Can't take anything away from him. I used to watch his highlights."

How's it feel to be the league leader right now in rushing yards after Week 1?

"Feels good. We just got to keep it going. We've got to get ready for Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh's a really good team. They've got a really good defense. So, this week, we've got to have really good practices this week. Great practices this week."

With all the things that happened this offseason and all the people leaving, including Frank, did this game show anything about what this 49ers team is about?

"It did. I think it showed that we blocked out all those distractions. We came together as a group and as a team. A good bond going on in that locker room. A bunch of guys that believe in each other. That's all you need. You get a group like that, you can go out there and compete with anybody."

G/T Alex Boone and T Joe Staley did a great job on the left side. It seemed like you had a lot of room on the left side tonight. Is that your comfort zone there?

"I wouldn't say that. Joe, he was telling me, ‘On these zones, 73 [Vikings DT Sharrif Floyd] is running off. If I cut him, there's a hole backside so hit it.' The last touchdown, that's exactly what happened. And there were runs before that where I was hitting the backside, you know, just being patient. We'll just be patient, wait for that hole to open up and when it does, just hit it."

How much better do you think now, having a year of experience under your belt, you are then you were at the season opener last season?

"I just think my approach to the game is totally different. Just knowing that I'm that guy now. So, I really took it upon myself to really study, really get into that film and really go to practice and practice hard. Not take any reps off at practice. I go to practice and I go hard. So, when I get to the game, it easy for me. I'll do this all day. Just my approach to the game is totally different."

LB Aaron Lynch
Postgame Quotes - September 14, 2015
San Francisco 49ers vs. Minnesota Vikings

Give us your thoughts on how this one went tonight.

"Man, all phases came out and played today. Our preparation this whole preseason, the week before the game, it was a long week for us. They way we prepared, we just knew in our hearts we were going to come in this game and win. Our preparation was outstanding and I've honestly never prepared like that during the week on a team before."

Talk to us about defending Minnesota Vikings QB Teddy Bridgewater. You guys kept in your lanes, didn't give him the big rushing effort, didn't break contain tonight.

"Yeah, that dude's a beast, you know? He's a good athlete. He knows how to leverage against people coming at him, but we were just all hustling to the ball. If you get the whole defense rushing to the ball, nobody can really do anything because there's always somebody hitting you. There's always somebody making you think about what you have to do. We just kept coming at him and it worked out to our benefit."

What's the key to slowing down Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson? You guys held him to 31 yards on 10 carries?

"I mean, honestly, the 49ers defense is about stopping the run. That's what we did exactly today. We were prepared for him. I mean, he's Adrian Peterson. He's going to be one of the greatest to ever play the game. He's a Hall of Famer. We just set the edges, made sure he couldn't get in the open field. We did our best to just stop him from doing anything and it worked out."

C Marcus Martin
Postgame Quotes - September 14, 2015
San Francisco 49ers vs. Minnesota Vikings

Back to the final preseason game when you were named the starting center, and I asked you, what is the strength you see in this offensive line and you said the running game and we saw that tonight. Did it go the way you thought it would in the season opener?

"We did a great job. There are still some things that we got to improve on. We gave up a lot of yards on the field. We played against a great opponent, and this is a good step for us. Now we just have to review the tape and come back and get better.

What can you say about RB Carlos Hyde?

"I was excited just to see Carlos play. He comes with that energy and enthusiasm that you want in a running back. He motivates the offensive line. When you got a guy out there that's running hard like that, that's just motivation. You want to keep picking your running back up because he's going to keep hitting it."

26 carries for him tonight. Can he do this for 15 more games?

"Man, this is the first of many, so we're going to get it right."

I have to ask you, now that this is a short week and you have to turn around and go to Pittsburgh, a very good Steeler's defense. What is the thought process with the offensive line, tightening things up? Talk about things leading up this week."

"We just got to go in there tomorrow feeling prepared and look at the tape. Clean up the assignments and get rolling. That's what we got to do." 

Just a thought on Head Coach Jim Tomsula and all the changes from last year to this year?

"Man, I'm excited. Tomsula always says we got something special here, protect it. And I really believe that. I'm glad, I'm happy, and this is the first of many for Tomsula."

S Jaquiski Tartt
Postgame Quotes - September 14, 2015
San Francisco 49ers vs. Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson may be the best running back in football and you guys kept him in check. What was the game plan tonight?

"Team play. We wanted to win special teams and we came out and won. Special teams and field position helped us out a lot on defense. It was just overall a good game."

You're getting a chance to play a little bit of linebacker in the dime and use some physicality. Do you enjoy that? Do you enjoy playing linebacker and being the guy who is at the movement edge?

"It's like a dream come true. I get to blitz, I get to play the tight end, I do whatever."

How about RB Carlos Hyde? Talk to us about his performance tonight. He was incredible, almost a 200 yard night when you figure rushing and receiving.

"Yeah, Carlos is a stud. The line did a great job of blocking for him. Once you give Carlos some blocks, you see what he can do."

NT Ian Williams
Postgame Quotes - September 14, 2015
San Francisco 49ers vs. Minnesota Vikings

For you it was the first game that really counted in almost a year, right?

"It was great to be back out there with my teammates. It's been a long journey, a long road trying to stay healthy. I'm trying to help this team win and keep moving forward."

What did you think about the defensive line overall? You were tag-teaming, had depth, and had some fresh legs coming in to help out.

"Yeah, it was a great combination to see out there. To see [DL] Glenn Dorsey, [DT] Tony Jerod-Eddie, and [DT] Quinton Dial out there, and [DT] Tank Carradine coming in and having some fun, it was a great overall unit win."

You had five sacks, a lot of blitzes and mixed coverages. Tell me a little about Defensive Coordinator Eric Mangini's scheme that was so successful tonight?

"He dialed it up today. He was hitting on all of his calls and we were able to go out there and execute like he wanted."