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49ers Super Bowl odds from from 66/1 to 33/1 at Bovada

We break down the latest Super Bowl odds following the San Francisco 49ers season-opening win over the Minnesota Vikings. The Bovada Sportsbook manager provided some context to the changes.

The San Francisco 49ers handled their business on Monday, and that has resulted in a sizable drop in the team's Super Bowl odds. The 49ers entered the regular season with 66/1 odds at The win over the Vikings resulted in a drop to 33/1 odds.

The 49ers also had 33/1 odds to win the conference, and 16/1 odds to win the division. Their conference odds dropped to 16/1, and their division odds dropped to 9/1. A week ago, they had the worst odds to win the division, and only the Rams Bears, Bucs and Washington had worse conference odds. This week, they still have the worst divisional odds, but they now have the seventh best odds to win the conference. The Giants, Saints, Lions, Panthers and Vikings all slipped behind them.

I had a chance to briefly speak with Bovada's Sportsbook manager, and he provided some details on the new 49ers odds.

With the Niners upset win over the Vikings who seemed to have a lot of pre-season hype surrounding them, San Fran's odds have been cut in half to 33-1 for the Super Bowl in what now seems to be like a wide open division. In turn, their chances have increased to make the playoffs.  However, I think the picture will be painted a little better after this week depending how they do going into Pittsburgh, but a loss will most likely shoot them back up to the 50-1 range.

I imagine Bovada got a run of money on the 49ers following the win over the Vikings. While it was probably not a crazy amount, they needed to sufficiently re-adjust odds so it did not get overboard. Setting futures odds is a balancing act so that you get some money, but you are not getting too much money at crazy odds that could pay out.