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Fanduel prices for 49ers in Week 2

We take a look at FanDuel prices for 49ers in Week 2, as well as my lineup for this weekend. Join our FanDuel league here.

Editor's Note: Compete against Niners Nation writers in our week 1 fantasy football league on FanDuel. First place wins $100 and the top 20 win cash. Join now!

Welcome back for another week of FanDuel daily fantasy football. We ran a league for last week's games, and we'll be back to run the same league every week. It's a single week league, so if you missed last week, it has no bearing on this week. And if you played last week, you just need to click the link above to take part again this week. Hopefully that is clear.

Although Thursday Night Football kicks off the week tonight, our FanDuel league will only involve Sunday and Monday players. That gives you time to do some research and set your lineup. I've gone in and set a preliminary lineup. I will probably make a few changes, as I have $800 still available. For now, here's what my lineup looks like:

QB Carson Palmer - $7,800
RB Chris Ivory - $6,900
RB Carlos Hyde - $7,000
WR Julian Edelman - $7,600
WR Julio Jones - $8,800
WR Kendall Wright - $6,100
TE Jordan Reed - $5,000
K Phil Dawson - $5,000
D Baltimore Ravens - $5,000

I see the Pittsburgh Steelers doing whatever they can to shut down Carlos Hyde, but I think we see another strong week from him. The big question is how the 49ers passing game looks. They kept it pretty simple last week, but they face a Steelers secondary that looked atrocious in Week 1. If the Steelers try and load up in the box to stop Hyde, the 49ers need to find opportunities elsewhere.

Given that, Anquan Boldin or Torrey Smith could be an intriguing play this week. Here is a rundown of all the 49ers prices for Week 2, with how much they changed from Week 1.

QB: Colin Kaepernick, $7,800 - down $100
RB: Carlos Hyde, $7,000 - down $300
WR: Anquan Boldin, $6,400 - down $200
WR: Torrey Smith, $5,900 - down $200
RB: Reggie Bush, $5,300 - down $200
TE: Vernon Davis $5,100 - down $200
K Phil Dawson, $5,000 - same
D/ST, $4,300 - down $300
WR Bruce Ellington, $4,500 - same