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4 suspects arrested in Levi's Stadium felony assault case

The Santa Clara police department has made significant progress in their investigation of the ugly assault outside Levi's Stadium following Monday Night Football this past week. The city announced that four suspects have been arrested in connection with the assault.

When police arrived on the scene, the suspects had fled the scene. The following day, video emerged on social media depicting the violent assault. The police got in touch with the person who took the video, and it would appear identified the four suspects. The press release says they were identified from the video, but there is no word yet on how they found them on Thursday.

Whatever the case, they have been arrested and booked. The group includes three adults and one minor. The minor was issued a criminal citation and released to her parents. The three adults appear to have been booked on felony assault charges. The Vikings fan suffered non-life threatening injuries. I had heard he was getting checked out for a broken jaw, but I have not heard anything since. The security guard who was attempting to break it up also suffered some non-life threatening injuries.

I won't be writing extensively on this, but I will keep an eye out to see how this case finishes up. The video is not all that clear, so the police hopefully have eyewitness accounts from the victims and the person shooting the video.

Fooch's update 3:40 p.m. - The San Francisco 49ers released a statement:

"The San Francisco 49ers organization commends the Santa Clara Police Department for quickly identifying and apprehending the four alleged assailants involved in Monday night's incident. 

"During the investigation we learned that one of the assailants was identified as a 49ers season ticket member. As a result of his behavior, the Santa Clara Stadium Authority is terminating the individual's Stadium Builders License and the 49ers are revoking his season tickets.

"We are steadfast in our commitment to fostering a safe end enjoyable environment at Levi's Stadium for all visitors and remind fans that behavior like this will not be tolerated."

We remind and encourage all stadium guests that if they see anyone violating the Levi's Stadium Code of Conduct, to immediately report the incident using one of the following methods available to them:

  • Text "SUPPORT" to 69050 with an issue description and location
  • Call our guests services hotline at (408) 673-2100
  • Use the "Live Safe" feature within the Levi's Stadium App to report the issue and location
  • Contact any game day employee, stadium usher, security personnel or uniformed law enforcement officer for immediate assistance.