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Golden Nuggets: Bush Out, Hayne and Davis In

Your 49ers links for Saturday, September 19th

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning everyone!  After the awesomeness that was the Minnesota Vikings contest, the 49ers now get a really interesting test with the Pittsburgh Steelers. I really think with this game we'll get some answers where this 49er team is. While Minnesota was crowned a playoff team in the offseason by some outlets, I'd like to see how a proven commodity like Ben Roethlisberger does against the Mangini defense.

Pat's Thoughts of the Week:

Carlos Hyde may be known as El Guapo, but I'm also going to call this cat The Juggernaut.That is all.

Funny how after one muffed punt and a lukewarm first game it seems like some people have turned on my man Jarryd Hayne. Look, for the few of you that think he's already done, relax.  For him to be playing at all speaks wonders to his athletic ability and his mental game. Look at Okoye, it took him what? 3 years and he never got promoted to the active roster. Hayne is going to be great, give him time.

But we don't need to wait on Aaron Lynch. Watching him drop into coverage and then smother the poor Vikings pass catcher for a loss makes me almost forget about losing Aldon Smith, almost. The big question about Lynch when he was drafted were his attitude and something along the lines of how much he wanted it.  Well, if that first game is any indication (along with his rookie campaign) I'd say he wants it pretty bad. Lynch definitely balled up Monday, and between him and Eli Harold, I'm not near as disappointed in the loss of Aldon. It still sucks, but I'm optimistic.

By the way. NaVarro Bowman DID have an ACL and MCL tear, right? He sat out last season, right? That injury can ruin careers...right? Silly me, because when I watched him on his first game back he looked like the best defensive player out there. The guy has not missed a step and looks even better now than before. We'll see how he holds up a 16 game season, but when I was just happy to watch the man on the field, I was ecstatic to see him be THE man on the field.

Let's get to the links!

There really isn't any good news about fans brutally beating other fans, but at least the YouTube video helped the police catch the ones who did it. Four arrested for assault of Vikings fan (Florio)

Well, duh. I would too if I was him and Gronk did that to the Steelers: Vernon Davis studies Gronkowski's performance against Steelers

Five times? Let's sack him every time to win! Why the 49ers' Defense must sack QB Ben Roethlisberger at least 5 times to win (Sakamoto)

A  look at Bowman's preparation post-knee injury. 49ers linebacker NaVarro Bowman discussed the regular season process with his knee

The 49ers 3-Tight End sets, why Geep Chryst kept using them, and what Greg Roman would have done:  How far can 49ers' bold new offense take them? (Cohn)

In case you didn't know, Reggie Bush is out: 49ers notes: Reggie Bush won't travel to Pittsburgh (Barrows)

Let's check in with the reporters from down under with Hayne news: Jarryd Hayne will get his best opportunity yet in the NFL against Pittsburgh Steelers (Otto)

Another reference to the ultimate battle of the Australians: Aussies Jarryd Hayne and Jordan Berry set for battle in NFL (Sydney Morning Herald)

Here's your injury report from around the league: Week Two Injury report roundup

What a horrible night to have a curse...