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49ers over/under: Colin Kaepernick passing yards, touchdowns, interceptions, rushing yards

The San Francisco 49ers are looking for big things from Colin Kaepernick in 2015. If you think he'll hit big, you might want to hit on some of these over/under wagers.

Our friends at are getting geared up for the 2015 regular season, and that is now including a mix of over/under proposition bets for players. They have a handful of odds related to the San Francisco 49ers, including four connected to quarterback Colin Kaepernick. They cover passing yards, touchdown passes, interceptions and rushing yards. Here are the four sets of odds:

Total Passing Yards in the 2015 Regular Season

Over/Under: 3400

Total TD Passes in the 2015 Regular Season

Over/Under: 20.5

Total Interceptions in the 2015 Regular Season

Over/Under: 10.5

Total Rushing Yards in the 2015 Regular Season

Over/Under: 550

The passing yardage might be the most interesting of the four. In two full seasons as a starter, Kap has thrown for 3,197 yards and 3,369 yards. They are banking on some continued improvement in the counting stat. His career high in touchdowns was 21 in 2013. He had 19 last season. I would lean toward the over on that one, but in reality, I would probably save my money for the total rushing yards. Kap rushed for 639 yards last season and 524 the year before. There is some talk we could see him rushing even more this year, so I would be more inclined to wager on that.

How do you see them playing out? I'm actually inclined to go over on all four. I think we see the team pushing a little further deep at times, opening the door for more interceptions. But if we see the big plays that Steve Logan likes, it might be worth it.