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Time to get pumped for 49ers-Steelers

All of you need to get yourselves jacked up for 49ers vs Steelers. Use this thread to do it.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning everyone! We got a game in an hour and I think it's not just time to wake up, but it's time to get pumped. Just like the last thread, I can't do this one in silence. Kingmonkeydoo's got our music, and I got site decorum turned off. Let's get this going:

Get in here, get some gifs, get some images, let's get pumped! I got some voodoo doughnut ready in the wings and some pancakes cooking. I do think the Niners can take care of business today, and I'm looking for 2-0

Got a song you want featured to get pumped up with next week? Put it in the comments, I'll be checking songs and making decisions for next week.

Fooch's Note: Site Decorum is off