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Talking 49ers live blogging with Matt Cleary

The San Francisco 49ers will face the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 2, and one of the highlights, whatever the result, will be Matt Cleary. The Australian journalist was the man responsible for one of the most amazing live blogs you might ever see, and he will be back in Week 2 for the Steelers game.

Cleary got the task to cover the 49ers opener against the Minnesota Vikings, which also marked Jarryd Hayne's first regular season game. Cleary has watched Super Bowls, but did not have a full grasp of NFL rules. That led to a live blog that was pretty spectacular (full transcript).

I had a chance to chat with Matt about the live blog, Jarryd Hayne and his plans for this weekend. I did it via Skype, and this is my first attempt to turn a Skype interview into video. I figured it was worth putting together before his Sunday live blog. He will be kicking it off a little before 3 a.m. Sydney time, so I imagine it could get even crazier. I'll add a link to this when it goes live.