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Glenn Dorsey talks Steelers offensive line, third downs, week of improvements

The San Francisco 49ers defensive tackle chatted with the media on Monday. He discussed the Steelers third down conversions, the performance of their offensive line, and more. We've got the full transcript. You can also listen to audio here.

On big third down plays by Steelers:

Well obviously, when you have a quarterback like Ben Roethlisberger, he's a great quarterback. You have to get off the field, and it starts on first and second down. And you always want to execute on third down. We didn't do that for the most part. They were pretty consistent with their game plan, and they played a good game.

On lack of pressure on Roethlisberger being execution or PIT OL strength:

I think it was a little bit of both. They had a good scheme, obviously they watch film. They had a good game plan, but you know, we had to come out and overcome that. Everybody's looking forward to coming out this week and working hard. We started working already, so we're just looking forward to Arizona.

On what they needed to overcome against Steelers OL, was it them being more physical:

No. I just mean more schematically. Our job as players is to overcome whatever the scheme may be. Find a way. We didn't do that, we had a few times in the game where were trying to get it going, but for the most part they just beat us.

On teams continuing to challenge them until they prove they can stop it:

Oh yea, that's the NFL. Everybody wants to capitalize on your supposed weakness, or whatever, and whatever they see on film, they think they can do well in. But we've got a great group of guys and coaches, and we got a whole week ahead of us to correct our mistakes. And that's my favorite part of the game. You've got a whole week to do it again. We'll be alright.

On more men in the box leaving secondary exposed:

We put ourselves in a lot of bad situations that is very uncharacteristic of our defense. A lot of third and shorts. I feel like, for the majority of the game, we did a decent job besides here and there, a few runs, and like on the one-yard line or whatever. For the most part, we did a decent job, but we put ourselves in bad situations. And when you do that against a good football team, a good quarterback, you can't win, it's hard to win. We just gotta correct those mistakes.

On film providing easy answers:

I mean, I wouldn't necessarily say it's easy, but, that's the challenge every week. That's the good thing about it. You get to figure it out, it's just us in this room. You just figure it out, with teammates and coaches. And you get it corrected during the week and you come out and play the next week.

On film being clear as opposed to easy:

Yea, once we dissect the film, we'll see what it is, and correct it.

On what learned from tough environment of first road game:

I mean, every opponent's field is pretty loud. I think we have to start fast, and we're gonna have to start fast this week in Arizona. Just like I said, keep on going. It's a long season, we still got a lot more games to play. So that's everybody's mindset, to correct the mistakes, and get ready for next week.

On what first two weeks mean, and whether it's just a wash and don't take too much from it:

I approach every week like that. You never want to get too high, you never want to get too low. You know, you stay even-keeled, and just continue to work all week, every week. And also get yourself better, always learn from your mistakes. And even when you do have some success, you still work on the little stuff. We got a long way to go. It's a long season, and everybody just ready to work.

On if confident team can overcome offseason departures:

Yea, of course I'm confident. That's how it goes. You play good one week, oh they're, and then you have a bad game, and it's, oh well, told ya, you know what I mean? But I go back to my point, that's the good thing about it. We get to come out and play every week. You got every week to correct mistakes and play better. It's a long season.

On learning curve with young guys:

There's a learning curve every year. Even when guys who've been here, there's a learning curve. You got new guys playing next to you, new schemes and stuff. And scheme changes week-to-week, so it's always a learning curve every week. So I wouldn't necessarily say that. We just have to keep on going, keep on pushing.

On facing veteran QB, Vic not blitzing as much, and what Mangini wanted to accomplish:

Basically, the defense as a whole, we watched film on it, and we've seen that he's at his best when he breaks the pocket, when he scrambles. He's pretty accurate scrambling thrower. We just wanted to keep him in the pocket, and just kind of collapse the pocket. They made some great plays, they just flat out beat us. We took it to the chin, but there's a lot of football to be played. Just gotta man up, do your job, and come to work this week and get ready for Arizona.

On similarities between Roethlisberger and Palmer:

They both good quarterbacks. They both can throw the ball, they both can sling the rock. Smart, and they bring a lot to the game. But it's the NFL, so that's a lot of quarterbacks. You gonna face that week-to-week, so you always gotta be on your A-game, and hopefully we can get it going this week, and play well.