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Australian man dresses like Jarryd Hayne, tackles people in the street for comedy video

It was a quiet day for Jarryd Hayne on Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers, but the hype remains alive and well. A comedy duo decided to take things to another level. They put together this video in which one of them dresses in pads and uniform like Hayne, and runs around doing crazy things.

The Hayne "look-alike" tackles one guy several times (safe to say he's part of the group!), steals food from a McDonald's line, and generally runs around doing football-like things. I think my favorite part might be when he is trying to block two girls from getting past him, and one of them asks if she is still drunk.

It's a ridiculously crazy video, but it's a fun one. It even gets a seal of approval from Jarryd Hayne.