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Torrey Smith said Steelers defense did not go vanilla in the second half

The San Francisco 49ers wide receiver spoke to the media on Monday. He talked about the Steelers not going vanilla in the second half, and what the passing game can build on. We have a full transcript. You can also listen to audio here.

On building on passing game:

I mean, it's definitely one of the positives we can take from the game. We were able to move the ball throwing the ball, and it's not like they were in a vanilla defense. They were doing the same thing they were doing. It wasn't necessarily junk plays, or we were stealing yards. They were still out there fighting hard. And it's something that we can build on, Kap can get more confidence from it, and the team will grow.

On Kap getting more confidence in connecting with Smith:

I think it's with all of us. It helps on the field to make a play, but if any of us are on the field, it's our job to make the plays. And it's good to actually have a big play outside with the receivers.

On taking deeper chances earlier instead of fully establishing the run early on:

You can't ask me that, I'm gonna tell you Carlos doesn't need to touch the ball [laughter]. But, it's all part of it. You want to be able to run the ball to set up the pass. And you want to be able to throw the ball to set up the run. The best offenses are able to do both, and we want to do that. But we understand that our identity is to run the ball, and we need to make things happen in the passing game when we do throw it.

On Steelers being intent on stopping the run:

I mean you could see it. It was obvious, yea. After what Carlos did the week before, It think that's, any team's priority is to stop the run. Really, that's basically any team in the league. You want to be able to stop the run and make a team one-dimensional. They did a good job stopping the run, and we had to make plays in the passing game. And obviously, it wasn't enough, it wasn't as consistent as it needed to be. But we moved the ball, got into the red zone, we just need to score touchdowns, and come away with points. And that's really the biggest issue.

On translating rhythm in practice to the game:

I wouldn't say it's difficult. You just go out there and play. It's actually easier in games because it's new people. In throwing the ball, our secondary, even in camp or whatever, they're fearless. They're not scared to get beat deep. There's certain things they're just not scared of. In a game, they're like, I have to get on my heels a little bit, be a little more patient. It's really no different. You just work hard, and get it down, and it translates to the game.

On his leg contusion not being an ankle injury:

Nah, I didn't mess my ankle up. That's what they said? Leg contusion? [Yes] I'm walking, I'm alright. I'm alive.

On mood after bad loss:

They definitely, they whupped on us, there's no way around it. I've been very familiar with them, so I know what the Steelers are about, and just because they got beat the week before, you knew they were gonna be ready to come back. And we had to be ready. And we didn't do enough, and we weren't ready. It's on us to get ready to move on. We've got 14 more games left. If this was late in the year, we really needed it, there'd be room to panic. But it was just one loss, that's really just what it was. And we need to get ready for Arizona.

On first two games being a wash:

I think that, you see in the league in general, there's gonna be some crazy things happening. Like teams with great defenses are gonna have the ball thrown all around. You're gonna be surprised by certain things. That's just what happens earlier in the year, and things kind of start to take form in the middle of the year. And we want to continue to go and get these wins now, but really be established after this first quarter.

On Ravens losing in Oakland (being odd):

Yea, that's no disrespect to Oakland. They did a good job, based on the highlights. They earned the win, but it's football, any given Sunday anyone can win.

On discussing weird things happening with younger guys in locker room:

Everybody's been playing football forever, and they've seen it too. It's really no different. It's a long season in the NFL, and we're just lucky to have an opportunity. And that's in Arizona, so, have a great week of practice, go out there and try and get a win.