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Colin Kaepernick talks about being himself this year, not doing things outside his character

The San Francisco 49ers quarterback spoke with the media on Wednesday. He talked about Torrey Smith, the Arizona Cardinals and the deep game. The most interesting part might have been his closing comments about not being asked to do things outside his character. It was not entirely clear what he was talking about, but you can watch the video here, or listen to audio here.

What strikes you about the Arizona Cardinals defense when you look at them on film?

"They do a lot of things. They play fast. They play physical. Give you a lot of different looks."

Is there any noticeable different since they've changed defensive coordinators?

"A little bit but not much. They still blitz. They still play hard. They're still going to be physical and those are things that we have to account for."

You drew the Steelers offsides, I think, three times on Sunday. Is that just a result of the up tempo, you've got more time at the line of scrimmage, you can do more things with your voice to do those sorts of things to the defense?

"To me those things happen because they get antsy. They're trying to get a jump on the ball. We'll take advantage of anything we can when it comes to a defense."

With more time before the snap, they must have known a lot of times last year, previous years, when you were going to snap the ball because the clock was ticking down. Just seems like you've got more opportunities now for that sort of thing.

"Definitely. That's very true."

Because you've been here as long as you have now and you see these guys twice a year, is there some familiarity now with the personnel for you when you look up, ‘Oh yeah, that's the guy I expect at that particular position,' things like that when you look at Arizona?

"It's hard to determine that with Arizona because they mix their personnel up. They move people around to different positions. So, you can't really get a beat on those things. You have to be able to just go out there and have recognition somewhat of what's going on."

So it's still a week-to-week thing even though you see those guys twice a year?

"Very much so."

Is what they do on defense similar to what you guys are doing on defense this year? Are there similarities between what you saw in practice to what they do?

"That would be a better question for our defensive coordinator. As far as what defenses are doing, we play week-to-week on the defense that we're going against and we base what we're doing off of that."

WR Torrey Smith on Monday kind of said that maybe you guys can look to build off connecting on a couple of big plays there. What did that do for you guys, you and Torrey?

"It's confidence moving forward. He made some big plays for us. He was very reliable in that game. So, moving forward, that's just more experience and more time for us to build that relationship."

You said that after the game you guys got your passing game going but you got it going too late. How much fun was that though just to kind of get into that rhythm throwing the ball around? You only had 61 yards passing in the first half but you finished with 335.

"Part of it was circumstance. We're behind so we're going to throw the ball more. When we're in a neutral game or we're up, we have a very good run game. So, we lean on that. It's all about what the defense will give us and what the situation of the game is will base how we play."

For lack of a better term though, was it fun to be in that zone? To be in that rhythm, especially you and Torrey connecting?

"I don't ever see fun being down by 20-plus points."

Could you take us through the throw to Torrey that he ended up taking for the touchdown? What did you see on that play? What happened? What did he do?

"We got a split safety coverage. He took his route right down the middle like he was supposed and it was something we had worked in practice. Unfolded the way we planned and got the opportunity. He made a great catch and a great play to take it the rest of the way."

Just having that on film and just having, showing the deep connection. Everybody knows Torrey Smith's speed but you think that's something defenses have to account for later on and maybe something like that could open things up more for the running game even or other receivers?

"Yeah. That's part of the reason he's here is to have that deep threat. He's someone that gets respect when he steps on the field. We've seen that in two weeks already with how Pittsburgh played and how Minnesota played. They played high and they weren't going to allow him to get over the top, which is why our run game was effective. So, it's all part of, the defense has to decided what their give and take is going to be."

Head coach Jim Tomsula just said a few minutes ago that you're not being asked to do anything that you've been asked to do previously, in previous years exactly. What do you think he meant by that and what's your take on what you're being asked to do that's different than anything?

"I would say the biggest thing is I'm being asked to be myself this year and I don't think anyone knows how to be myself better than me. So, it's a comfort zone for me. It's a situation where I'm not being asked to do things outside of my character."

Do you feel like you were asked to do things outside your character?

"Outside of how I would normally handle situations, yeah."

Meaning, to be more specific, like just being in the pocket more? Not getting outside? Is that kind of what you're getting at?

"No. I'm getting at that, I was asked to do things outside of my character."

Fooch's note: Someone asked Kap "Is it safe to say you feel more relaxed right now in the pocket?" to close out the press conference. He left at that point without answering. The audio linked above includes the question, the video does not.