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Throwback Thursday: Alex Smith makes the Cardinals feel ordinary

Back when Alex was with Harbaugh, he made lots of teams feel mediocre. This is one of them.

By now, you should have figured out: in season, I like to keep Throwback Thursday relative to our upcoming opponent.

But then, I was stupid and spilled the beans on the greatest current Cardinals highlight: Dashon Goldson knocking Early Doucet back into 3rd grade.

So digging through the highlights, I found this gem. Why is this so special? Why it's Alex Smith, of all people dismantling the (then) best defense in the NFL (well, within four or five weeks). The Niners essentially had their way with the Cardinals, in Arizona, and Alex carved them good. Nothing was better than seeing Smith give the ball to Randy Moss and then the wide receiver brushes defenders aside for the score.

How awesome will it be if Torrey Smith can do the same thing this Sunday? If we beat the Cardinals, I think that's a good indication on where this team is. The Cardinals are nothing short of legit, and if the Niners can beat them in their house, maybe Jim Tomsula is the answer?

In the meantime, just put this on repeat and watch those awesome moves!