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NN FanDuel winner trolls us all

Editor's Note: Compete against Niners Nation members in our week 3 fantasy football league. First place wins $100 and the top 20 win cash on Sunday. Join now!

We're back for Week 3 of the NFL season, which means the NN FanDuel league returns once again. You can click on the link above to join the league. First place wins $100, 2nd place wins $60, and we continue down through 13th-20th place winning $10 each. We'll have more preview content on Friday, and I'll post my lineup as well in the next couple days.

In the meantime, I was amused to see the lineup of the Week 2 NN league winner. User theushill apparently felt like the 49ers were going to take one on the chin, and decided to try and cash in. As you can see from his lineup below, he took four Steelers options, including Ben Roethlisberger, DeAngelo Williams, Antonio Brown, and the Steelers defense. I'm kind of surprised he did not try and work Heath Miller into the mix. He could have done even better!

Whatever the case, I suppose it comes down to doing whatever it takes to win. If that means fading the 49ers, so be it.

Week 3 FanDuel winner