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Scouting 49ers scouts: College games the team attended Weeks 1-3

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Niners Nation's Greg Valerio highlights and profiles the 2016 NFL draft-eligible prospects from college football games 49ers' scouts attended during Weeks 1-3.

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We are introducing a weekly series, Scouting 49ers' Scouts. The Internet, and Twitter in particular, provide some insight into where NFL teams are sending scouts for college football games. We'll likely never know the full list of games, but it does give us some insight. Thanks to the folks at's College Football 24/7, we have a look at some of the first three weeks of action where 49ers' scouts were credentialed to attend.

With that in mind, each week we will highlight some of the draft-eligible players from the games 49ers' scouts were credentialed.

Week 1

Louisville vs. Auburn

Edge rushers are highly sought out by scouts and this game showcased two pass rushers 49ers' scouts likely kept an eye on. Louisville's junior edge rusher, Devonte Fields, No. 95, has a great combination of size, speed, and athleticism, with great fluidity and change of direction skills. Fields had a very impressive freshman year at TCU in 2012 (53 TKLS, 18.5 TFL, 10 sacks), but injuries and off-field issues have halted his progress. Fields would bring solid skills off the edge for the 49ers; however, the off-field red-flags he comes with will require some serious background checking to determine if he is a fit with the whole "win-with-class" mantra.

Two other Louisville players likely on 49ers' radar are DT Sheldon Rankins, No. 98, an explosive and versatile defensive line prospect with tremendous power, quickness, and hand technique; and ILB James Burgess, No. 13, a bit undersized at 6'0, but brings a tenacious mentality with great explosiveness, quickness, and speed. Burgess is an ideal fit as 3-4 inside linebacker.

The other edge rusher 49ers' scouts were likely taking a look at was Auburn's redshirt sophomore DE Carl Lawson, No. 55. After a very impressive freshman year, Lawson missed the entire 2014 season with a season ending injury during spring practices (torn ACL). Poised for a breakout year, Lawson displays good size, a thick and stout frame, explosiveness off the edge with excellent speed, flexibility, agility, and change of direction skills. He is very athletic and strong with a relentless pursuit to the ball carrier. Showcases a tremendous quick first-step and a consistent high-motor. He is very strong at the point of attack and quite simply, a dominant disrupter on the field. Unfortunately, Lawson left the game early in the second quarter with a hip injury, and is still sidelined for an extended period of time. His health will definitely be something 49ers' scouts will have to keep an eye on.

A few other Auburn draft-eligible players likely on 49ers' radar are junior DT Montravius Adams, No. 1, a versatile defensive lineman with solid quickness and agility to be a disruptive force in the backfield; ILB Cassanova McKinzy, No. 8, a physical and solid tackler with great skills against the run displaying sound stacking and shedding technique; and WR D'haquile "Duke" Williams, No. 1, a fantastic and physical wide receiver prospect with a great combination of size (6'2" - 224 lbs.), speed, and athleticism with strong hands and nice body control.

* = indicates junior status
** = indicates redshirt sophomore status


QB Tyler Ferguson, No. 5, 6'3 - 217 lbs., 4.94 40 - Louisville (UFA) Transfer from Penn State.
OT Kelby Johnson, No. 76, 6'6 - 297 lbs., 5.16 40 - Louisville (UFA)
OT Aaron Epps, No. 78, 6'6 - 290 lbs., 5.29 40 - Louisville (UFA)
DT Sheldon Rankins, No. 98, 6'1 - 303 lbs., 4.92 40 - Louisville (3rd-4th)
DT Pio Vatuvei, No. 44, 6'2 - 296 lbs., 5.07 40 - Louisville (6th-7th)
DE *Devonte Fields, No. 95, 6'4 - 254 lbs., 4.74 40 - Louisville (3rd-4th) Transfer from TCU and JUCO transfer from Trinity Valley Community College.
ILB James Burgess, No. 13, 6'0 - 230 lbs., 4.72 40 - Louisville (6th)
K John Wallace, No. 45, 6'0 - 190 lbs., 4.84 40 - Louisville (UFA)


WR D'haquile "Duke" Williams, No. 1, 6'2 - 224 lbs., 4.54 40 - Auburn (2nd) Suspended for a week and placed at the bottom of the depth chart. Discipline issue with coach.
WR Ricardo Louis, No. 5, 6'2 - 215 lbs., 4.47 40 - Auburn (7th-UFA)
DT *Montravius Adams, No. 1 , 6'3 - 296 lbs., 5.14 40 - Auburn (3rd)
DE **Carl Lawson, No. 55, 6'2 - 257 lbs., 4.67 40 - Auburn (1st-2nd) Out for extended period of time with hip injury suffered in the second quarter of the season opener.
DE DaVonte Lambert, No. 6, 6'2 - 282 lbs., 4.89 40 - Auburn (7th-UFA)
OLB Kris Frost, No. 17, 6'2 - 240 lbs., 4.72 40 - Auburn (5th-6th)
ILB Cassanova McKinzy, No. 8, 6'2 - 253 lbs., 4.83 40 - Auburn (4th)
CB Jonathan Jones, No. 3, 5'9 - 181 lbs., 4.49 40 - Auburn (6th)
CB Joshua Holsey, No. 15, 5'11 - 198 lbs., 4.52 40 - Auburn (UFA)
CB Blake Countess, No. 2, 5'10 - 183 lbs., 4.52 40 - Auburn (UFA) Transfer from Michigan.

Texas vs. Notre Dame

Texas does not offer too many draft-eligible prospects of note, but two players to keep an eye on are RB Johnathan Gray, No. 32, an explosive running back with solid skills in pass protection (has injury history with torn ACL November 2013 and nagging ankle and elbow injuries). The other Texas player is CB Duke Thomas, No. 21, an aggressive corner with decent speed and fair coverage skills, and brings value on special teams.

Notre Dame has a bevy of draft-eligible prospects 49ers' scouts are likely keeping track of. One of my favorites is junior OLB Jaylon Smith, No. 9. an explosive athlete with great speed, athleticism, and amazing sideline-to-sideline capabilities. Smith showcases great size, agility, explosion, and strength and would be a great fit next to NaVorro Bowman as an inside linebacker in the 49ers 3-4 defensive scheme.

Two defensive line prospects to keep an eye on are DT Sheldon Day, No. 91 and DE Romeo Okwara, No. 45. Sheldon Day is a quick and powerful defensive tackle showcasing great balance and a quick first step. Although Day's lack of size and length will limit him to a 3-technique, his impressive penetration and quickness at the point of attack makes him a disruptive force in the backfield. Romeo Okwara is a great length and speed prospect coming off the edge. Okwara needs to show more consistency, but with another solid year under his belt, he should be a good rotational edge rusher at the next level.

With the struggling right tackle position the 49ers are currently enduring, a top notch tackle prospect could be in the cards for the 2016 NFL Draft. The Notre Dame player that could fill that void is junior OT Ronnie Stanley, No. 78. Stanley, a technician, showcases tremendous combination of size, athleticism, length, quickness, speed, and strength. Using his long arms, lateral quickness, balance, solid technique, and a quick first step, Stanley easily mirrors defenders in pass pro, and shows physicality in the run game. He also shows durability starting every game the past two seasons.

Other Notre Dame draft-eligible prospects 49ers' scouts are likely keeping an eye on are: RB Tarean Folston (Out for the year with a torn ACL - Baalke Delight), No. 25; WR Will Fuller, No. 7; WR Chris Brown, No. 2; C Nick Martin, No. 72; ILB Joe Schmidt, No. 38; CB KeiVarae Russell, No. 6; FS Max Redfield, No. 10; and SS Elijah Shumate, No. 22.


RB Johnathan Gray, No. 32, 5'11 - 206 lbs., 4.52 40 - Texas (7th)
WR Marcus Johnson, No. 7, 6'1 - 194 lbs., 4.52 40 - Texas (UFA)
WR Daje Johnson, No. 23, 5'10 - 184 lbs., 4.39 40 - Texas (UFA)
OT Marcus Hutchins, No. 65, 6'5 - 288 lbs., 5.07 40 - Texas (UFA)
OG Sedrick Flowers, No. 66, 6'3 - 320 lbs., 5.27 40 - Texas (UFA)
DT Desmond Jackson, No. 99, 6'0 - 305 lbs., 5.14 40 - Texas (UFA)
DE Shiro Davis , No. 1, 6'3 - 265 lbs., 4.83 40 - Texas (UFA)
OLB Peter Jinkens, No. 19, 6'1 - 236 lbs., 4.76 40 - Texas (UFA)
CB Duke Thomas, No. 21, 5'11 - 176 lbs., 4.50 40 - Texas (6th)

Norte Dame

RB *Tarean Folston, No. 25, 5'9 - 214 lbs., 4.56 40 - Notre Dame (3rd) Out for the year with torn ACL on right knee on 9/5/15.
WR *Will Fuller, No. 7, 6'0 - 180 lbs., 4.51 40 - Norte Dame (4th)
WR Chris Brown, No. 2, 6'2 - 195 lbs., 4.48 40 - Notre Dame (5th)
WR Amir Carlisle, No. 3, 5'10 - 192 lbs., 4.43 40 - Notre Dame (UFA)
OT *Ronnie Stanley, No. 78, 6'6 - 315 lbs., 5.17 40 - Notre Dame (1st)
C Nick Martin, No. 72, 6'4 - 295 lbs., 5.26 40 - Notre Dame (3rd)
DT Sheldon Day, No. 91, 6'1 - 285 lbs., 4.94 40 - Notre Dame (2nd-3rd)
DE Romeo Okwara, No. 45, 6'4 - 260 lbs., 4.83 40 - Notre Dame (5th-6th)
DE Ishaq Williams, No. 11, 6'4 - 271 lbs., 4.76 40 - Notre Dame (6th-UFA) Out for the year, Academics.
OLB *Jaylon Smith, No. 9, 6'3 - 235 lbs., 4.67 40 - Notre Dame (1st)
ILB Joe Schmidt, No. 38, 6'0 - 235 lbs., 4.84 40 - Notre Dame (6th-7th)
CB *KeiVarae Russell, No. 6, 6'0 - 190 lbs. 4.49 40 - Notre Dame (2nd) Cleared by NCAA and reinstated. Missed 2014 season due to academic investigation.
FS Avery Sebastian, No. 4, 5'10 - 195 lbs., 4.59 40 - Notre Dame (UFA) Transfer from California.
FS *Max Redfield, No. 10, 6'1 - 198 lbs., 4.52 40 - Norte Dame (3rd)
SS Elijah Shumate, No. 22, 6'0 - 213 lbs., 4.54 40 - Notre Dame (4th-5th)

Arizona State vs. Texas A&M

Three players 49ers' scouts are likely targeting from Arizona State are both offensive guard prospects. The first would be Christian Westerman, No. 55, an extremely strong and powerful offensive lineman with impressive foot quickness and solid hand technique. The second would be Vi Teofilo, No. 73, an aggressive right guard with sound leverage and hand technique.

A theme with a lot of games 49ers' scouts have attended is the inside linebacker position; therefore, keep an eye on Arizona State's ILB Antonio Longino, No. 32, a physical and tenacious explosive athlete displaying good awareness and improved hand technique. Longino also brings value on special teams.

Other Arizona State players of note are: QB Mike Bercovici, No. 2; WR D.J. Foster, No. 8; CB Lloyd Carrington, No. 8; CB Kweishi Brown, No. 10; and SS Jordan Simone, No. 38.

Texas A&M is showcasing a great junior tackle prospect in OT Germain Ifedi, No. 74. Ifedi is an impressive athlete for his size at 6'5" - 325 lbs., showcasing solid foot quickness and lateral movement to be a top level pass protector at the next level. He has versatility at both tackle and guard positions (ideally better suited on the right side as a tackle), where he utilizes his long arms and heavy hands to jolt defenders and be a stout force on the offensive line. No doubt 49ers' scouts love Ifedi's long arms, mobility, and versatility.

With the Red Zone struggles the 49ers seem to be accustomed with over the past few years, each year I hear from a ton of 49er fans demanding the 49ers to draft a huge wide receiver prospect to help cure the Red Zone woes. A prospect likely to become a fan favorite with his intriguing size is 6'5" - 235 lbs. redshirt sophomore prospect WR Ricky Seals-Jones, No. 9. Seals-Jones is a dominant player utilizing his impressive Calvin Johnson-like size, tremendous length, impressive speed, and outstanding catch radius to be a mismatch nightmare for defenders.

Other Texas A&M draft-eligible prospects likely on 49ers' radar are: RB Tra Carson, No. 21; OG Joseph Cheek, No. 79; C Mike Matthews, No. 56; and CB De'Vante Harris, No. 1.

Arizona State

QB Mike Bercovici, No. 2, 6'0 - 205 lbs., 4.86 40 - Arizona State (7th-UFA)
WR D.J. Foster, No. 8, 5'10 - 195 lbs., 4.52 40 - Arizona State (3rd-4th)
WR Devin Lucien, No. 15, 6'1 - 200 lbs., 4.52 40 - Arizona State (UFA) Transfer from UCLA.
OT William McGehee, No. 75, 6'5 - 312 lbs., 5.27 40 - Arizona State (UFA)
OG Christian Westerman, No. 55, 6'3 - 302 lbs., 5.14 40 - Arizona State (4th) Transfer from Auburn.
OG Vi Teofilo, No. 73, 6'3 - 304 lbs., 5.17 40 - Arizona State (5th-6th)
C Nick Kelly, No. 50, 6'2 - 294 lbs., 5.22 40 - Arizona State (UFA)
DT Mo Latu, No. 98, 6'2 - 387 lbs., 5.67 40 - Arizona State (UFA)
ILB Antonio Longino, No. 32, 6'2 - 230 lbs., 4.73 40 - Arizona State (5th-6th)
CB Lloyd Carrington, No. 8, 5'11 - 194 lbs., 4.53 40 - Arizona State (5th-6th) Transfer from Pitt.
CB Kweishi Brown, No. 10, 5'11 - 206 lbs., 4.58 40 - Arizona State (7th)
SS Jordan Simone, No. 38, 5'11 - 195 lbs., 4.58 40 - Arizona State (6th-7th)

Texas A&M

RB Tra Carson, No. 21, 5'11 - 235 lbs., 4.63 40 - Texas A&M (6th) Transfer from Oregon.
RB Brandon Williams, No. 1, 5'11 - 200 lbs., 4.49 40 - Texas A&M (UFA) Transfer from Oklahoma.
WR **Ricky Seals-Jones, No. 9, 6'5 - 235 lbs., 4.56 40 - Texas A&M (2nd) Arrested for disordely conducton April 2014. Misdemeanor disorderly conduct charges have been dropped for lack of sufficient evidence on 9/10/15.
OT *Germain Ifedi, No. 74, 6'5 - 325 lbs., 5.34 40 - Texas A&M (1st)
OG Joseph Cheek, No. 79, 6'6 - 310 lbs., 5.27 40 - Texas A&M (6th-7th)
C Mike Matthews, No. 56, 6'2 - 290 lbs., 5.16 40 - Texas A&M (6th)
DT Alonzo Williams, No. 83, 6'4 - 296 lbs., 5.14 40 - Texas A&M (UFA)
DE Julien Obioha, No. 95, 6'4 - 265 lbs., 4.87 40 - Texas A&M (UFA)
CB De'Vante Harris, No. 1, 5'11 - 175 lbs., 4.52 40 - Texas A&M (7th)
P Drew Kaser, No. 38, 6'3 - 210 lbs., 4.97 40 - Texas A&M (6th)

Week 2

Utah State vs. Utah

Trent Baalke and 49ers' scout, Reggie Cobb, were in attendance for this game. Baalke must seem to like attending Utah games, because according to my notes from last year, Baalke attended at least two Utah games last season (thank you Dres Anderson). For Utah State, I believe the player Baalke and Cobb were targeting was edge rusher OLB Kyler Fackrell, No. 9. The former high school basketball and volleyball player, as well as a former high school quarterback, wide receiver, linebacker, safety, and return specialist, Fackrell showcases ideal size (6'5") and length for the position with a great ability to stack and shed setting the edge, impressive closing speed exploding off the edge, and looks very good in space. Sounds like a lot of Baalke desired attributes are being checked-off there.

It would not be surprising for Baalke to draft another running back in the 2016 NFL Draft; furthermore, after drafting a high safety position three consecutive years, it should not be surprising if Baalke selects a running back early. Therefore, keep an eye on Utah RB Devontae Booker, No. 23. Booker is an explosive running back with great quickness and foot speed, a one-cut back showcasing good vision, power, and elusiveness, and would thrive in a zone blocking scheme. Moreover, he is a solid threat in the receiving game and is impressive in pass protection.

A Utah defensive player the 49ers could be eyeing is ILB Jared Norris, No. 41. Norris has great awareness and has a nose for the ball as a downhill linebacker. His high motor and reliability makes him a coveted player the 49ers could utilize as a solid backup to eventual starter who also brings value on special teams.

Other Utah players of note are: C Sioasi Aiono, No. 60 and DE Jason Fanaika, No. 51.

Utah State

QB Chuckie Keeton, No. 16, 6'1 - 210 lbs., 4.77 40 - Utah State (UFA) 5th year senior granted medical hardship. Torn ACL in left knee in 2013 and re-injured surgically repaired knee in September 2014.
WR Hunter Sharp, No. 4, 5'11 - 200 lbs., 4.43 40 - Utah State (7th) Suspended for the first two games of 2015 season for violating team rules.
WR Brandon Swindall, No. 11, 6'3 - 205 lbs., 4.56 40 - Utah State (7th)
DE Jordan Nielsen, No. 97, 6'5 - 270 lbs., 4.97 40 - Utah Sate (UFA)
OLB Kyler Fackrell, No. 9, 6'5 - 250 lbs., 4.74 40 - Utah State (4th-5th)


QB Travis Wilson, No. 7, 6'7 - 233 lbs., 4.94 40 - Utah (7th-UFA)
QB Kendal Thompson, No. 1, 6'2 - 195 lbs., 4.65 40 - Utah (UFA) Transfer from Oklahoma.
RB Devontae Booker, No. 23, 5'11 - 212 lbs., 4.56 40 - Utah (2nd)
WR Kenneth Scott, No. 2, 6'2 - 208 lbs., 4.54 40 - Utah (UFA)
WR Tim Patrick, No. 9, 6'4 - 204 lbs., 4.58 40 - Utah (UFA)
WR James "Bubba" Poole, No. 34, 6'1 - 197 lbs., 4.57 40 - Utah (UFA)
C Sioasi Aiono, No. 60, 6'2 - 305 lbs., 5.28 40 - Utah (7th)
DE Jason Fanaika, No. 51, 6'2 - 270 lbs., 4.78 40 - Utah (4th) Transfer from Utah State.
OLB Jason Whittingham, No. 53, 6'2 - 245 lbs., 4.86 40 - Utah (7th)
ILB Jared Norris, No. 41, 6'1 - 234 lbs., 4.74 40 - Utah (4th-5th)
SS Tevin Carter, No. 9, 6'1 - 216 lbs., 4.48 40 - Utah (UFA)
P Tom Hackett, No. 33, 5'11 - 198 lbs., 5.12 40 - Utah (7th-UFA)

Boise State vs. BYU

Lookie here, more edge rushers 49ers' scouts are likely checking out. Boise State is showcasing a few players of note, one of which is junior edge rusher OLB Kamalei Correa, No. 8, an extremely explosive athlete off the edge using his quick first step and closing speed to wreak havoc in the backfield. Correa, also a solid tackler in open space, is an ideal 3-4 OLB edge rusher in the 49ers scheme.

Another area of concern for the 49ers is offensive tackle, so luckily, the versatile OT Rees Odhiambo, No. 71, is another prospect worth considering. The three-time Academic All-Mountain West player, showcases great quickness, swift feet, violent hands, and good balance, and is likely considered to move to the inside at guard or possibly the right tackle position at the next level.

If Baalke is looking to add another high round safety draft pick for the fourth time in a row (I hope not), well then FS Darian Thompson, No. 4, is the guy. A true interchangeable safety, Thompson is a ballhawk in the passing game and a thumper in run support.

Another Boise State player to keep an eye on is CB Donte Deayon, No. 5.

BYU's edge rusher likely targeted by 49ers' scouts is DE Bronson Kaufusi, No. 90. Coincidently, Kaufusi was also targeted by Jim Harbaugh as a potential Stanford recruit, so yeah, there is that Harbaugh related nugget for you (injured QB Taysom Hill, No. 4, also a Harbaugh target during Jim's Stanford days). Kaufusi, a former collegiate basketball player for the BYU Cougars in the 2012-2013 season, showcases amazing size (6'7"), length, quickness, agility, and athleticism. Kaufusi's father is the current BYU defensive line coach; therefore, look for Kaufusi to improve his overall game throughout the season.

Another BYU player to keep an eye on is RB Jamaal Williams, No. 21.

Boise State

RB Kelsey Young, No. 39, 5'10 - 192 lbs., 4.53 40 - Boise State (UFA) Grad transfer from Stanford.
WR Shane Williams-Rhodes, No. 1, 5'6 - 168 lbs., 4.46 40 - Boise State (UFA)
OT Rees Odhiambo, No. 71, 6'4 - 305 lbs., 5.17 40 - Boise State (4th)
C Marcus Henry, No. 72, 6'2 - 296 lbs., 5.18 40 - Boise State (UFA)
DT Tutulupeatau Mataele, No. 55, 6'2 - 303 lbs., 5.17 40 - Boise State (UFA)
DT Armand Nance, No. 40, 6'0 - 311 lbs., 5.20 40 - Boise State (UFA)
DE Tyler Horn, No. 69, 6'5 - 272 lbs., 5.08 40 - Boise State (UFA)
OLB *Kamalei Correa, No. 8, 6'3 - 245 lbs., 4.78 40- Boise State (3rd)
CB Donte Deayon, No. 5, 5'9 - 158 lbs., 4.46 40 - Boise State (6th)
FS Darian Thompson, No. 4, 6'2 - 210 lbs., 4.56 40 - Boise State (1st-2nd)


QB Taysom Hill, No. 4, 6'2 - 221 lbs., 4.54 40 - BYU (5th) Out for the year with a Linsfranc injury (foot injury) suffered during season opener. October 2014 left leg injury (broken leg and shredded every major ligament).
RB Jamaal Williams, No. 21, 6'0 - 206 lbs., 4.62 40 - BYU (6th-7th) Knee injury November 2014.
WR Mitch Matthews, No. 10, 6'6 - 215 lbs., 4.70 40 - BYU (UFA)
WR Devon Blackman, No. 19, 6'1 - 185 lbs., 4.48 40 - BYU (UFA)
OT Ryker Matthews, No. 72, 6'5 - 320 lbs., 5.26 40 - BYU (6th)
DE Bronson Kaufusi, No. 90, 6'7 - 265 lbs., 4.89 40 - BYU (5th-6th)
DE Remmington Peck, No. 44, 6'4 - 271 lbs., 4.93 40 - BYU (UFA)
DE Graham Rowley, No. 92, 6'4 - 280 lbs., 5.06 40 - BYU (UFA)

LSU vs. Mississippi State

49ers' scouts are likely targeting several players from this game. With LSU, we will start with junior ILB Kendell Beckwith, No. 52, an amazing sideline-to-sideline athlete with great size, speed, instincts, and explosion. If he declares, look for Beckwith to be on the 49ers radar. CB Tre'Davious White, No. 16, is a top corner prospect with great ball skills, fluidity, and awareness. Playing very well with his back against the ball, White displays solid coverage skills and tracks the ball quite well. He also brings value in the return game.

Right tackle Vadal Alexander, No. 74, a likely guard at the next level, showcases an excellent combination of size, strength, very long arms, athleticism, and instincts. A true mauler and road grader, Alexander is very powerful athlete that plays with a nastiness. He is an exceptional run blocker, quickly engages opponents and mauls his way driving defenders with explosion and power. Shows good technique, anchors well, nice lateral movement and decent footwork in pass protection, and has a heavy and powerful punch that jolts defenders.

LSU is also showcasing two pass catchers to keep an eye on in WR Travin Dural, No. 83 and TE Dillon Gordon, No. 85. Travin Dural, a junior, is a vertical threat downfield showcasing an impressive combination of size (6'2" - 192 lbs.), speed (sub 4.4 40) and athleticism. 49ers wide receiver coach, Adam Henry, has some experience with Dural, and we know how instrumental Henry was in coaching Odell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Landry. Dillon Gordon is a massive tight end prospect at 6'4" - 295 lbs. A true power blocking tight end, Gordon utilizes his strength and bulk to drive block defenders and athleticism to be an outlet threat in the passing game.

Another LSU prospect to keep an eye on is OLB Lamar Lois, No. 11.

Mississippi State has two defensive weapons 49ers' scouts are likely targeting in Junior DT Chris Jones, No. 96, who showcases an impressive combination of size (6'4" - 308 lbs.), quickness, strength, and athleticism. Jones, a former basketball star, is looking to have a breakout season as a starter replacing last years' phenom, Preston Smith. CB Will Redmond, No. 2, displays elite speed (4.38 40), athleticism, and plays physical with good coverage and ball skills, and brings value in the return game. He needs to improve his tackling.

Two other Mississippi State players on the offensive side of the ball worth noting are QB Dak Prescott, No. 15 and junior WR De'Runnya Wilson, No. 1. Dak Prescott is a solid mobile quarterback with an improved game in the pocket. He shows good awareness and the capability to go through his progressions, but also explodes out of the pocket using his agility and athleticism to be a playmaker on the field. Wide receiver De'Runnya Wilson displays a nice combination of size (6'4" - 225 lbs. - hello Red Zone target), length, athleticism, and physicality. Wilson displays toughness as a blocker and is a good pass catching possession type receiver. He needs to become more consistent in his overall game in order to be considered a high draft pick.

Other Mississippi State players to keep an eye on are: CB Taveze Calhoun, No. 23 and FS Kendrick Market, No. 26.


WR *Travin Dural, No. 83, 6'2 - 192 lbs., 4.52 40 - LSU (2nd-3rd) Rescued female from overturned vehicle on July 30, 2015.
TE Dillon Gordon, No. 85, 6'4 - 295 lbs., 4.94 40 - LSU (6th-7th)
OT Jonah Austin, No. 71, 6'5 - 330 lbs., 5.35 40 - LSU (UFA)
OT Vadal Alexander, No. 74, 6'5 - 326 lbs., 5.39 40 - LSU (1st)
DT Quentin Thomas, No. 95, 6'3 - 303 lbs., 5.08 40 - LSU (UFA)
OLB Lamar Lois, No. 11, 5'11 - 229 lbs., 4.59 40 - LSU (7th-UFA)
OLB Deion Jones, No. 45, 6'1 - 220 lbs., 4.53 40 - LSU (UFA)
ILB *Kendell Beckwith, No. 52, 6'2 - 245 lbs., 4.73 40 - LSU (2nd)
CB *Tre'Davious White, No. 16, 5'11 - 191 lbs., 4.48 40 - LSU (1st)
FS Jalen Mills, No. 28, 6'0 - 193 lbs., 4.56 40 - LSU (3rd-4th) Coming off August 2015 leg (fractured fibula) injury. Out 4-6 weeks.
P Jamie Keehn, No. 38, 6'3 - 220 lbs., 4.97 40 - LSU (7th-UFA)
LS Reid Ferguson, No. 50, 6'1 - 236 lbs., 5.03 40 - LSU (UFA)

Mississippi State

QB Dak Prescott, No. 15, 6'2 - 230 lbs., 4.72 40 - Mississippi State (3rd-4th)
WR *De'Runnya Wilson, No. 1, 6'4 - 225 lbs., 4.64 40 - Mississippi State (2nd-3rd) Arrested March 2015 with possession of marijuana second degree and possession of drug paraphernalia.
TE Darrion Hutcherson, No. 84, 6'6 - 260 lbs., 4.86 40 - Mississippi State (UFA)
OG Justin Malone, No. 70, 6'6 - 320 lbs., 5.37 40 - Mississippi State (UFA)
DT *Chris Jones, No. 96, 6'4 - 308 lbs., 5.12 40 - Mississippi State (2nd-3rd)
DE Ryan Brown, No. 48, 6'6 - 262 lbs., 4.92 40 - Mississippi State (UFA)
CB Will Redmond, No. 2, 5'11 - 185 lbs., 4.45 40 - Mississippi State (2nd-3rd)
CB Taveze Calhoun, No. 23, 6'0 - 185 lbs., 4.53 40 - Mississippi State (4th)
FS Kendrick Market, No. 26, 5'10 - 188 lbs., - Mississippi State (6th)

Week 3

Ole Miss vs. Alabama

The 49ers were one of six teams in attendance to this SEC matchup, and no doubt, the 49ers' scouts left impressed with the play of the amazing Ole Miss junior DT Robert Nkemdiche, No. 5. Nkemdiche showcases tremendous athleticism, quickness, fluidity, size, speed, and strength. He is not your typical large wide-bodied defensive tackle, but a slender agile frame with a 10% body fat and a muscular build. His lateral quickness and explosion helps blow through offensive lines with ease, quickly side stepping and shrinking himself to penetrate through small windows, which he did quite well against Alabama. He also uses great power at the point of attack, power generated from dominate strength (bench presses 400 pounds, squats 500 pounds, and power cleans 376 pounds). Nkemdiche plays with a high motor and continuously makes plays even when double teamed and can chase down ball carriers from the backside. He takes on a lot of blockers to make others around him thrive. Very disciplined run stopper and gap penetrator wreaking having in the backfield. He also possesses the versatility to play all over the line. Nkemdiche would be an ideal gem in the 49ers defense.

Although junior OT Laremy Tunsil, No. 78, has missed all of Ole Miss' games this season so far (ongoing NCAA investigation for receiving improper benefits), 49ers' scouts likely have checked in on Tunsil's progress. Tunsil showcases impressive quickness, athleticism, technique, explosion, balance, solid and fierce punch at the point of attack, and great footwork. A very smooth athlete, he handles the edge against speed quite well with impressive lateral agility and using his impactful hands to stifle defenders. Tremendous in the run game showcasing his power and foot speed to drive defenders away. Anchors well and maintains solid leverage.

Two pass catchers likely on 49ers' radar are junior WR Laquon Treadwell, No. 1 and junior TE Evan Engram, No. 17. Laquon Treadwell displays an ideal combination of size (6'2" - 212 lbs.), length, strength, athleticism, and speed. Treadwell is a physical wide receiver with strong reliable hands and superb ball skills. He also does very well as an eager blocker. Evan Engram is athletic and explosive, typically lined up all over the place (split out wide, slot, in-line, H-back) in the Rebels multiple offense. The hybrid tight end showcases tremendous burst off the line of scrimmage, fluidity in route running, quickness in-and-out of breaks, amazing ball skills, impressive hands, explosiveness after the catch, and a nightmare matchup for any line backer. His blocking skills are not too shabby either with good positioning and hand technique and tenacity to finish keeping his feet moving.

Other Ole Miss players of note are: WR Cody Core, No. 88; OT Fahn Cooper, No. 74 ; OG Aaron Morris, No. 72; ILB C.J. Johnson, No. 10; and SS Tony Conner, No. 12.

Alabama is loaded with draft-eligible talent, specifically on the defensive side of the ball, where the 49ers' scouts are likely targeting. Three quality defensive lineman of note are junior DT A'Shawn Robinson, No. 86; DT Jarran Reed, No. 90; and junior DE Jonathan Allen, No. 93. All three prospects showcase amazing athleticism and powerful skills for their size with impressive quickness and technique wreaking havoc in backfields and being stout against the run. They are all true absolute disrupters on the defensive side of the ball; however, A'Shawn Robinson is the pride of the group. Robinson is a very strong long-armed defender with great size, length, power, and athleticism. A large stout run stuffer, Robinson showcases power at the point of attack, capable of handling two-gaps, decent in collapsing the pocket, has sound awareness to stop ball carriers next to him utilizing good hand technique (great power in hands) stacking and shedding, and plays with good leverage and power with a high motor chasing down ball carriers. Has quick feet with balance to navigate through the trash. Versatility to play NT in a 3-4, as well as the 5-technique. Highly intelligent player.

Another amazing Alabama player the 49ers are likely targeting is ILB Reggie Ragland, No. 19. Ragland is a superb downhill plugger type of linebacker. With his terrific combination of size (6'2" - 252 lbs.), physicality, and strength, Ragland is a fierce tackler, easily takes on bigger blockers with solid stacking and shedding technique, impressive sideline-to-sideline capabilities, and very skilled coming off the edge. He also brings value on special teams.

49ers' scouts are also likely targeting TE O.J. Howard, No. 88. A mismatch in the middle of the field, Howard displays an impressive combination of size, speed, athleticism, and strength (benches 405 pounds and squats 500 pounds). A dangerous receiving weapon in the middle of the field, Howard can easily take advantage of defenses with his 4.59 speed up the seem and his impressive length and athleticism. Along with good catching and great YAC ability, his blocking has been steadily improving as well.

Other Alabama players of note are: RB Derrick Henry, No. 2; RB Kenyan Drake, No. 17; C Ryan Kelly, No. 70; DE D.J. Pettway, No. 57; and CB Cyrus Jones, No. 5.

Ole Miss

RB Jaylen Walton, No. 6, 5'8 - 172 lbs., 4.47 40 - Ole Miss (UFA)
WR *Laquon Treadwell, No. 1, 6'2 - 212 lbs., 4.52 40 - Ole Miss (1st) Returning from fractured fibula and dislocated ankle on left leg on November 2014.
WR Cody Core, No. 88, 6'2 - 205 lbs., 4.49 40 - Ole Miss (7th)
TE *Evan Engram, No. 17, 6'3 - 223 lbs., 4.64 40 - Ole Miss (2nd-3rd)
OT *Laremy Tunsil, No. 78, 6'5 - 305 lbs., 5.23 40 - Ole Miss (1st) Will miss several games due to "precautionary reasons" during the ongoing NCAA investigation into allegations of receiving improper benefits from sports agents, as well as a loaner vehicle being kept for an extended period of time (also an "extra benefit").
OT Fahn Cooper, No. 74, 6'5 - 306 lbs., 5.21 40 - Ole Miss (6th-7th)
OG Aaron Morris, No. 72, 6'5 - 315 lbs., 5.32 40 - Ole Miss (5th-6th)
DT *Robert Nkemdiche, No. 5, 6'4 - 296 lbs., 4.86 40 - Ole Miss (1st)
DT Woodrow Hamilton, No. 56, 6'3 - 319 lbs., 5.28 40 - Ole Miss (UFA)
OLB Denzel Nkemdiche, No. 4, 5'10 - 208 lbs., 4.68 40 - Ole Miss (UFA)
ILB C.J. Johnson, No. 10, 6'1 - 228 lbs., 4.72 40 - Ole Miss (6th)
FS Chief Brown, No. 8, 6'1 - 202 lbs., 4.62 40 - Ole Miss (UFA)
SS *Tony Conner, No. 12, 6'0 - 215 lbs., 4.56 40 - Ole Miss (2nd)


QB Jake Coker, No. 14, 6'5 - 232 lbs., 5.12 40 - Alabama (UFA) Grad Transfer from Florida State.
RB *Derrick Henry, No. 2, 6'2 - 242 lbs., 4.54 40 - Alabama (2nd)
RB Kenyan Drake, No. 17, 6'0 - 210 lbs., 4.49 40 - Alabama (6th) Broken left leg October 2014.
TE *O.J. Howard, No. 88, 6'6 - 242 lbs., 4.59 40 - Alabama (2nd)
OT Dominick Jackson, No. 76, 6'6 - 315 lbs., 5.38 40 - Alabama (UFA)
C Ryan Kelly, No. 70, 6'4 - 297 lbs., 5.23 40 - Alabama (4th-5th) Coming off October 2014 knee injury.
DT *A'Shawn Robinson, No. 86, 6'3 - 312 lbs., 5.18 40 - Alabama (1st)
DT Jarran Reed, No. 90, 6'3 - 313 lbs., 5.14 40 - Alabama (2nd)
DE *Jonathan Allen, No. 93, 6'3 - 272 lbs., 4.73 40 - Alabama (2nd-3rd)
DE D.J. Pettway, No. 57, 6'2 - 270 lbs., 4.98 40 - Alabama (7th)
OLB Denzel Devall, No. 30, 6'2 - 252 lbs., 4.77 40 - Alabama (7th-UFA)
OLB Dillon Lee , No. 25, 6'3 - 242 lbs., 4.73 40 - Alabama (UFA)
ILB Reggie Ragland, No. 19, 6'2 - 252 lbs., 4.72 40 - Alabama (2nd-3rd)
CB Cyrus Jones, No. 5, 5'10 - 196 lbs., 4.53 40 - Alabama (4th)

Florida vs. Kentucky

The Florida vs. Kentucky game highlighted two more inside linebackers the 49ers' scouts are likely targeting. Florida's ILB Antonio Morrison, No. 3, is coming back from a devastating knee injury he suffered in the Belk Bowl December 2014. Durability issues are a concern for the tackling machine, since he's had a history of knee issues; nevertheless, Morrison displays great awareness, strength, and speed, and should definitely be on the radar as an inside linebacker prospect for the 49ers.

A Florida defensive lineman the 49ers are likely targeting is DE Jonathan Bullard, No. 90. Bullard showcases impressive quickness and versatility, lining up all over the place for the Gators. Bullard, possibly a 5-technique fit for the 49ers, displays great strength in the run game and quickness and solid hand technique to get by defenders on the inside.

In the defensive backfield, Florida is showcasing impressive CB Vernon Hargreaves III, No. 1, a junior, and is arguably one of the top corner prospects in this years' class. VHIII is an amazing athlete on the field showcasing tremendous quickness, burst, speed, and athleticism. He is technically sound as a cover corner and solid in run support and is an eager tackler. VHIII also shows versatility in the return game and a few plays on offense showcasing his explosion and playmaking abilities. One of the top cover prospects, VHIII simply lacks the ideal size (5'11"). Another Florida corner, CB Brian Poole, No. 24, is a smaller corner prospect at 5'10", displays versatility in playing the corner and nickel position with great quickness, burst, and speed. Poole also showcases great awareness, impressive open field tackler, good closing speed off the edge, and looks to be a solid Zone type corner at the next level.

The Gators are also showcasing two pass catchers to keep an eye on in WR Demarcus Robinson, No. 11 and TE Jake McGee, No. 83. Demarcus Robinson, a junior, is a vertical threat that can take the top off coverages and shows great quickness and agility off the line of scrimmage to gain separation. Robinson displays impressive stop and start quickness and burst with good hands and nice ball skills. Tight end Jake McGee displays a nice combination of height (6'5") speed, and athleticism. A very sound reliable pass catcher with good hands, McGee is poised to have a breakout year after sitting out the 2014 season with two broken bones (tibia and fibula) in his left leg.

The other inside linebacker of note is Kentucky's ILB Josh Forrest, No. 45. Forrest displays a nice combination of size (6'3" - 252 lbs.), range, athleticism, and speed. Relatively raw, Forrest displays flashes of solid instincts and awareness; moreover, with his impressive speed, Forrest effortlessly chases down ball carries and showcases good coverage skills.

OT Jordan Swindle, No. 70, has a large frame with ideal size (6'7"), length, and impressive quickness. Swindle still needs to work on his technique and learn to play with better leverage. Nevertheless, Swindle is a solid developmental swing tackle prospect at the next level with the versatility to play both tackle positions.


WR *Demarcus Robinson, No. 11, 6'1 - 197 lbs., 4.54 40 - Florida (1st-2nd)
WR Latroy Pittman Jr., No. 9, 5'11 - 215 lbs., 4.65 40 - Florida (UFA)
TE Jake McGee, No. 83, 6'5 243 lbs., 4.83 40 - Florida (6th-7th) Received another year of eligibility to make it his 6th. Broke two bones in his left leg September 2014, out for 2014 season. Great height, speed, and athleticism combination.
OG Trip Thurman, No. 63, 6'5 - 310 lbs., 5.38 40 - Florida (UFA)
DE Jonathan Bullard, No. 90, 6'3 - 277 lbs., 4.86 40 - Florida (3rd)
ILB Antonio Morrison, No. 3, 6'1 225 lbs., 4.76 40 - Florida (4th) Coming off December 2014 knee injury.
CB *Vernon Hargreaves III, No. 1, 5'11 - 198 lbs., 4.48 40 - Florida (1st)
CB Brian Poole, No. 24, 5'10 - 208 lbs., 4.54 40 - Florida (5th-6th)


OT Jordan Swindle, No. 70, 6'7 - 309 lbs., 5.23 40 - Kentucky (5th-6th)
DT Melvin Lewis, No. 90, 6'3 - 342 lbs., 5.43 40 - Kentucky (7th-UFA)
DT Cory Johnson, No. 67, 6'3 - 300 lbs., 5.17 40 - Kentucky (UFA)
FS A.J. Stamps, No. 1, 5'11 - 205 lbs., 4.54 40 - Kentucky (UFA)
ILB Josh Forrest, No. 45, 6'3 - 252 lbs., 4.77 40 - Kentucky (5th-6th)
ILB Ryan Flannigan, No. 33, 6'1 - 225 lbs., 4.68 40 - Kentucky (UFA)
CB Cody Quinn, No. 16, 5'10 - 180 lbs., 4.52 40 - Kentucky (UFA)