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Quest to Perfection: 49ers vs Cardinals on Madden 16

Our quest to go undefeated takes us to our first divisional matchup.

After two games of Madden, I'm beginning to see how this will echo in real life. Sure, we have your simulation coming later which is more laughable than accurate at this point, but so far, if this is any indication, the better I do against the computer, the worse the Niners do in real life.Look at the numbers: Week 1 - I visited a mental health clinic to curb my issues on not getting past the Vikings and the Niners blow the lid off that game. Week 2 - I beat the Steelers in two tries, and the niners lose the game in what seemed like two series.

Hate to be a bringer of bad news, but if this superstition proves correct. This is looking bad. Really bad. I beat the Cardinals. On the first try. In a blowout.


There's only one attempt, and for Arizona, it didn't look too pretty. After a pair of sacks to Carson Palmer, the Niners received a punt on the 20 yard line to start their first offensive series. In the first play, Colin Kaepernick connected with Vernon Davis for an 86 yard touchdown along with several shrugged tackles.

Once getting the ball back, Carson Palmer did some magic of his own. He dinked and dunked his way down the field until the 50 and then connected with Larry Fitzgerald for a touchdown.

It would be the last time the Cardinals kept up with the Niners.

On the next possession, I was able to give the Cardinals a chance to beat me, thanks to Torrey Smith fumbling the kickoff.  The 49ers got the ball back with a 3 and out, and Kaepernick again aired the ball around the field, culminating with a goal line TD pass to Vance McDonald.

The Cardinals offense, unfortunately, couldn't stop the might that was Navarro Bowman and punted the ball back to me, where I gladly threw a 50 yard pass to Anquan Boldin to jack the score up even more.

Oh we're not done yet.

Thanks to an interception by Kapeernick at the start of the 2nd half  (do'h!), Chris Johnson was able to give the Cardinals their other touchdown of the day by running it in after a 64 yard series. At this point, I didn't care. The Niners stormed down the field again and Phil Dawson kicked a field goal for a measly 3 points.

Once we gave the ball back to Arizona, Palmer decided he didn't want to score anymore and gladly threw it to Shareece Wright of all people to take it in for a pick-six.

And I don't know if it was the Cardinals or the Madden AI taking a break, on the next series for  the Cards, Palmer fumbles the ball, which was returned to the 10 yard line by Ian Williams and punched in on a Colin Kaepernick sneak.

And to end the game, adequately, Palmer threw another interception to Eric Reid. Niners are 3-0.


Uh...other than the fact we tore the Cardinals apart, I'm not sure really what I can attribute to real life, other than the superstition that when I win in a Quest to Perfection game, the opposite happens on Sunday. Colin Kaepernick was absolutely deadly, going 10-14 (6 minute quarters, mind you) 296 yards, and getting a 123.5 QB rating.

The entire team was electric and I was more surprised that with a superior team like the Cardinals, I had little trouble smacking them around.

I really hope my superstition is incorrect, however. I do hope this leads to us having a happy day on Sunday. The Madden AI clearly took the day off when I played it. I must have triggered a glitch. Until next time.

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