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Simulation Saturday: 49ers vs Cardinals in Madden 16

We simulate the 49ers/Cardinals game in Madden 16 and it's a thumping.

Well, let's see what the AI said would happen! Last week's score seemed to take pity on the Niners since they stayed in that game against Pittsburgh until the very end. This game, well, let's see how the Niners do against the Cardinals.

Note: Reggie Bush is inactive for the 49ers. As is J.J. Nelson and Andre Ellington for the Cardinals

1st Quarter:

The Cardinals received and took the ball a respectable 28 yards to the 38 yard line. From there though, the Cardinals were forced to a 3 and out and the Niners offense took over.

The offense was gifted 5 yards on an encroachment penalty by the Arizona defense. The penalties continued as Carlos Hyde moved the ball down the field. Despite a sack on Kaepernick to make 4th and 1, the return team went offsides on the punt giving the 49ers another 1st down. It seemed like the 49ers offense gained yards both in the running game and penalties on the Cardinals defense. The drive ended in a 44 yard field goal.

Score 3-0, 49ers

The Niners defense showed up again, sacking Carson Palmer on 1st and 10 to start the series and forcing two more completions for another 3 and out.

The O-line however finally showed how dangerous they were to the 49ers offense, by allowing a sack that put Colin Kaepernick out for a series (or they just put Gabbert in, why, one could guess). For obvious reasons, the drive ended in 3 and out and a punt.

The Cardinals were unable to get anything going (again) and punted it back, with Kaepernick coming back into the game. The drive stalled and led to a 4th and 6...and a failed Bradely Pinion fake punt run for 5 yards. It didn't really matter, the defense forced another punt.

This was the drive that was special. Kaepernick put together an awesome drive with help from Carlos Hyde to hit Torrey Smith in the endzone on 2nd and 8 on the Arizona 14 yard line.

Score: 10-0, 49ers

The next offensive series for the Cardinals was cut short due to Tramaine Brock interceptinig Carson Palmer. Back to the field the offense went. Unfortunately, despite starting on the Arizona 30 yard line, the drive ended in another Phil Dawson field goal.

Score 13-0, 49ers

The niners punted the ball and after a couple of short runs by Chris Johnson, the 1st quarter ended.

2nd Quarter:

The Cardinals punted the ball and again the Niners moved it down the field. However, Carlos Hyde fumbled the ball on the 10 yard line, and it was recovered by Arizona. The Cardinals offense again failed to do anything and punted the ball onto their own 40 yard line, thanks to the defense bailing them out, and Palmer's horrible throws.

Jarryd Hayne took over the running duties and chipped yards away at 4 yard a pop from the Cardinals defense. The drive ended with the Australian moseying into the endzone for a touchdown.

Score 20-0, 49ers

The Cardinals tried to get the offense going, but on the second play from scrimmage, Carson Palmer was intercepted by Antoine Bethea, putting an end to that attempt at a comeback.

Kapernick made quick work of the excellent field position (the 20 yard line) by hitting Torrey Smith for another touchdown.

Score 27-0 49ers

The Cardinals offense again stalled, only getting one first down and then punting on the next set. While the Niners moved the ball down the field, Phi Dawson missed his 48 yard attempt to put this game away before the half.

The Niners and Cardinals traded series. When the Cardinals received the ball again, Carson Palmer threw another pick to Antoine Bethea on 3rd and 3, to put the niners on the 35 yard line with 2:05 left in the quarter. The drive ended in a field goal and enough for the 49ers to feel good about this game.

Score 30-0, 49ers

Both teams had a series that went nowhere and the half ended.

3rd quarter:

The 49ers received and took the ball only 20 yards on the series before having to punt. The cardinals rushing attack took them down the field and ended in a Chris Johnson 3 yard rushing TD.

Score 30-7, 49ers

The Niners received and Kaepernick found Quinton Patton twice to keep his drives alive down the field. The drive ended in another Phi Dawson field goal.

Score 33-7, 49ers

The Cardinals did their usual dance for 3 and outs and Kaepernick hit the field again. This time Quinton Patton came alive, hauling in more catches and helping the niners go down the field for another Phil Dawson field goal (hope you guys have him in fantasy).

Score 36-7, 49ers

The Cardinals actually got a 1st down for once, thanks to a John Brown catch for 27 yards. A second 3rd down was too much to ask and the Cardinals again punted.

Kaepernick took the field and again hung out with Quinton Patton to take the ball to the 50 yard line and end the quarter.

4th quarter:

Kaepernick again nailed Torrey Smith on the first play for a TD to start the quarter.

Score 43-7, 49ers

The Cardinals and Niners traded punts, not doing much of anything. Getting the ball back  on 1st and 10, Carson Palmer throws a pick-6 to Jaquiski Tartt. This game is pretty much over.

Score 50-7 49ers

The Cardinals pulled Carson Palmer and put in Drew Stanton at this point. Stanton couldn't do much of anything and punted the ball back to the Niners. Unfortunately, a pass to Mike Davis on 3rd and 6 resulted in a fumble, giving the Cardinals their best starting field position of the day. Too bad it was with 5 minutes to go. The drive ended with a Chris Johnson TD. Damn.

Score 50-14 49ers

The Niners received and started multiple hand offs to Jarryd Hayne and Carlos Hyde, chipping yards away from the Cardinals. It was rush, rush, rush. until there was no room to rush anymore and Mike Davis took a run in for the touch down. This is sick.

Score 57-14 49ers

Despite the heroic efforts of Drew Stanton, nothing more could be done besides a 22 yard pass to Michael Flloyd.After that, Kap got the ball back and took a knee.

Final Score 57-14 49ers

Final Thoughts:

Yes please! I'll take that. This is the first simulation that not only did we win, but ran the ball down Arizona's throat as well. I really don't think this game is going to end like this. I see it being more along the lines of 28-24, 49ers. Of course if it DOES end this way, I think I'll be pretty happy with the team we have. Arizona is no joke, and if the Niners can do this to them, there's no excuses to why they can't be legit as well. Either way, Kaepernick threw for a 68 percent completion percentage. Not too shabby.