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49ers-Cardinals preview: Why each team will lose

The San Francisco 49ers and Arizona Cardinals square off in a Week 3 divisional matchup. We chatted with Revenge of the Birds, with each side discussing why their team could lose this game.

Welcome back to a feature I enjoyed last season. We like talking about the good stuff, but there is something to be gained by discussing weaknesses. And so, we're back with Jess Root from Revenge of the Birds to discuss why our teams might lose. Jess looked at why the Arizona Cardinals might drop to 2-1, while I looked at reasons why the San Francisco 49ers might drop to 1-2.

Why the Cardinals will lose...

Overconfidence: After a 2-0 start and putting up a lot of points, the team has started to get some recognition nationally. Now a team is coming to town who had a rough offseason and, based on what many have said, will be a trashfire. Letting up is natural. And since we have seen how physical the Niners can be, that could end poorly.

Kicking issues: Chandler Catanzaro has already missed an extra point. He missed a pair in the preseason as well. It isn't out of the question it could cost the team a game.

Less offensive output, defensive plays given up: The offense has been dynamic thus far, scoring nine touchdowns in two games. With the offense humming, the defense has been able to get by with allowing a a lot of yards. If the offense can't keep up that clip, the defense might have to do the job...and we don't know how well we can do that.

Turnovers: Palmer has been known throughout his career as a guy who is prone to interceptions. If that guy shows up, turnovers are hard to overcome. 

Why the 49ers will lose...

Offensive line: The 49ers OL struggled to protect Colin Kaepernick in Week 2, and the Steelers pounced. The running game barely got going as well, and that is critical to any chance of 49ers success. If the line struggles again, particularly the right side, it will be a long day for the offense.

Pass rush: The 49ers got little pressure on Ben Roethlisberger in Week 2. When they did, he easily got outside and found his open receivers. If they give Palmer time in the pocket, he will pick them apart with ease.

Disguises: The 49ers disguise their defense quite a bit under Eric Mangini, so you might see a safety up close in the box pre-snap, and then break for deep coverage at the snap. The 49ers were slow recovering from their disguises, and it left Antonio Brown and Darrius Heyward-Bey wide open. The 49ers need to do a better job with their timing.