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49ers-Cardinals final score: That was a dumpster fire

That was not pretty. The 49ers lost by a final score of 47-7, and it was never close.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers lost their second straight ugly performance, losing to the Arizona Cardinals by a final score of 47-7. The 49ers forced a Cardinals punt on the first drive of the game, and things went to crap almost immediately. Colin Kaepernick threw a pick-six, and things only got worse from there.

This was a game in which everything that could go wrong did go wrong. On offense, the offensive line was awful and Colin Kaepernick made some horrible decisions. Kap's third interception was probably his worst decision, but there were plenty of bad decisions. He got no help from an offensive line that is just not good. The team seemed committed to running the ball, even down by 3+ scores. It repeatedly felt like the coaching staff had no faith in Kap. Yes, he made some bad decisions, but the game plan as a whole seemed to avoid doing a whole lot of much. Simply put, Kap, the coaches and the line all deserved some percentage of blame.

On defense, the pass rush was inconsistent, and the scheme seemed to be as awful as could be. Even when the 49ers were landing some hits on Carson Palmer, his receivers were running free and clear. It wasn't that they were beating the 49ers secondary deep. Rather, the crossing patterns and other short and intermediate routes saw receivers with defenders well out of position. I'm sure there were some execution issues, but it felt like Mangini's scheme was not nearly where it needed to be for the Cardinals passing attack.

Things are not getting better next week. The 49ers get to face Aaron Rodgers, Eddie Lacy and the Green Bay Packers in Week 4. Crazy things do happen every week, so I'm not saying the 49ers have no chance of beating the Packers. But this 49ers team has shown nothing the past two weeks to think they have a chance. It could get ugly.