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Let's try to laugh, just a little bit

The loss today stings, but maybe we can elicit a few smiles

This sucks.

This really really sucks.

I don't want to write this. Then again, you don't want to read this. So both of us want nothing to do with this post. That's good. It just means we're in this together. That's how it may be this season.

We've suffered another horrible loss. Not just losing, but by the way we lost this game. Some of you have already lost faith in Jim Tomsula or Trent Baalke, others think it's just the symptoms of a rebuilding year. All of us can agree, watching two losses like the ones we have,  hurts.

My foot is slowly getting stuffed in my mouth for saying Jim Tomsula isn't Mike Singletary, it's not lodged in there yet, but it certainly is creeping into my throat. This performance today was bad. The defense couldn't scheme, the offense Colin Kaepernick couldn't do anything, and we're constantly reminded of what may have happened if Harbaugh was in charge.

I don't really want to look at hindsight at what could have happened or what may occur, but there's already a lot of explaining that needs to be done. Two blowout losses is not OK. At all. The only person who should be more worried about their job besides Jim Tomsula is Colin Kaepernick. That is, by far, his worst game of his career.

But I'm not here to drag this out. We all have our opinions on this game. So instead, let's laugh. Let's watch Blanka troll everyone.

Hopefully this makes us smile for a little bit tonight. Even laugh. These losses suck. Have a good week everyone, let's not try to let this dictate our behavior at work/school/whatever it is you do when you aren't watching a game for 4 hours on a Sunday.