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Jim Tomsula says it starts and ends with him, confirms Colin Kaepernick is his starting quarterback

After the demoralizing loss to the Cardinals, 49ers head coach Jim Tomsula spoke to the media. We've got a full transcript. You can also watch video here.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Following the brutal loss to the Arizona Cardinals, San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Tomsula actually never said the catch phrase he's repeated throughout his tenure as HC: "Own it. Fix it. Move on." Where as the Pittsburgh loss was deemed a collective loss, Tomsula tried to take responsibility for this one himself, as did Colin Kaepernick. Gone was any modicum of the spunk or fire we normally see from the head coach. This was someone who was defeated emotionally. It was difficult to hear him in person or on my personal recording. It wasn't until I heard the 49ers recording of him speaking into the microphone that I could accurately transcribe what you find written below. You can also watch the video here.

Opening comments:

First of all injuries. Vernon Davis with a knee. We’ll get that evaluated here in a little bit and we’ll get it reevaluated when we get back. Um, Bad day. That starts and ends with me. Today’s performance starts with a hats off to the Arizona Cardinals for what they were able to accomplish today and the rest of it starts and ends with me. Questions.

Preparation wise, were you ready today?

I felt like we were. The preparation went well. Did a nice job of practice, Practiced hard, worked hard. I need to look at what we’re doing. That’s me.

What areas concerned you the most today?

Today, every area. We just need to do a better job.

Was there ever a thought at all of putting in Blaine Gabbert?

No sir, there wasn’t.

Why not?

There just wasn’t.

Did you want see Colin work through his struggles?

Yes. Yes, I did.

You had some consoling words for Colin after his fourth interception. What did you say?

Just keeping his eyes up and keeping him going. I think the world of that guy.

You ran the ball 13 times after Colin threw his second pick six. Were you hesitant to throw the ball?

No, that was me. I told the coach, "Let’s get the thing running a little bit. Let’s calm things down."

It wasn’t about not wanting him to throw the ball?

No. That was me just trying to get everyone calmed down here. Let’s grab a hold of this and see if we can get things calmed down and get back at it.

How was Colin reacting to the turnovers?

He’s a competitive guy. Colin’s a guy that has a tendency to put it all on his back.

There was a comment by a Cardinals safety that he (Colin) has trouble throwing outside and that they were going to make him throw that way. All 4 INTs were outside. Is throwing outside a weakness?

Obviously we are going to look at it. It’s not what they did versus what we were doing. It was not good.

What are your concerns on defense after giving up 90 combined points in back to back games?

We’ve got to play better defense. We’ve got to play better offense. We've got to play better special teams. We've got to play better everything. We’ve got to keep getting better.

How does the noise in this stadium stack up to others?

They are all great stadiums and they all have great crowds. This is another great one.

Would it have been worse to replace Colin with Blaine?

Yeah, thats me. Colin is our quarterback.

Are you worried that this game will have a lasting effect on Colin?

No, I don’t think so. I don’t think he’s made that way.

Jarryd Hayne had a good run. How do you feel about him as a player?

Jarryd continues to get better every week. He does. He works his tail off.

Did you address Shareece Wright about the tweet he deleted mentioning that him being inactive was a political move?

No. That is an incorrect statement. It had nothing to do with anything. I made the decision to put the guys up that I thought gave us the best chance to win the football game.