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Ron Jaworski, Peter King both chime in on Colin Kaepernick

Fooch's update: Jaws has a new stance

It is not surprising that national media folks are chiming in on Colin Kaepernick's struggles. Ron Jaworski and Peter King had a pair of tweets on Monday that don't really add much to the discussion, but are worth noting.

Jaworski of course is the same guy who said prior to Super Bowl 47 that Kap has the ability to be the best quarterback in the NFL. As the 2013 season approached, he doubled down, saying Kap could "be the best QB arguably in the history of the NFL."

On Monday, he acknowledged Kap's ugly Week 3 performance. Everything went wrong for Kap, and Jaws recognized it.

Peter King was asked how the 49ers should turn things around. This does not necessarily apply to turning things around this season, but it makes sense. If Trent Baalke and the coaching staff do not think Colin Kaepernick is the guy for the future, they need to confirm that this season, and make a change moving forward. If they think he is or can be the future of this franchise, they need to double down on him moving forward. Either way, quick dump-off patterns to a wide receiver on 3rd and 20 are not going to give us any answers.