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Bears trade Jared Allen to Panthers

The Chicago Bears traded veteran defensive end Jared Allen, as their season already appears to be circling the drain.

The Chicago Bears might just be ready to acknowledge this is going to be a bad season. Jay Glazer is reporting the team has traded Jared Allen to the Carolina Panthers. There is no word on compensation, but it potentially gives the Panthers a nice little bump in the pass rush department. Allen has not done much with the Bears, with Glazer saying he was not a fit in their 3-4.

The NFL does not usually provide fire sales like we see in baseball or basketball. Teams might bench starters if things are going south, but full-on tanking does not seem to be quite the same. But with Jay Cutler out, and the team looking pretty abysmal right now, it made sense to unload a veteran like Allen.

The 49ers face the Bears in Week 13 at Soldier Field. Given how the last couple weeks have gone, this has the makings of an ugly matchup. There is a lot of time between now and Week 13, so hopefully the 49ers can figure something out. If things don't change, however, I'd lean toward the UNDER on this matchup.