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49ers-Packers spread opens high, but money coming in on San Francisco

The San Francisco 49ers opened as big underdogs to the Green Bay Packers heading into Week 4. Some gamblers seem to think this might be closer than some expect.

The San Francisco 49ers face the Green Bay Packers at home this coming Sunday, and it is no surprise that the line is already rather sizable. The line opened at 9.5-points following the Packers 38-28 win over the Kansas City Chiefs.

What is interesting is that money is coming in on the 49ers early on. The line at the Westgate Superboook in Las Vegas has come down to 8.5-points, and at the Wynn Las Vegas, it is as low as eight points. This indicates early money came in on the 49ers, forcing the adjustment down. Oddsmakers set the line in order to get as close to even betting on each team. If they get an even split of betting, the house wins with the vig.

I have to pick five games later this week for the LVH SuperContest, but at this point I am staying away from both sides of 49ers-Packers. On the one hand, the 49ers have had some success against the Packers in recent years, and Dom Capers in particular has struggled to game-plan against San Francisco's offense. The problem with that point right now is that this 49ers team is not looking like the teams of the last few years that have won four straight against the Packers.

On the one hand, the 49ers have had success. On the other hand, this 49ers team is not playing remotely close to the level of the last four years. Even as ugly as last season got at times, this team is worse right now. But, there is always that little inkling in the back of my mind. The Packers are coming off a short week, and maybe the 49ers have their number. The former is much more significant than the latter, but I am still not inclined to touch this game with a ten-foot pole.