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49ers-Packers announcers: Joe Buck, Troy Aikman calling game could mean national coverage

It appears the San Francisco 49ers will get the national television treatment in Week 4. Joe Buck and Troy Aikman are set to call the game.

The San Francisco 49ers early season struggles might get some national coverage in Week 4. The team issued their Week 4 game release, and it says that the FOX crew of Joe Buck, Troy Aikman and Erin Andrews will be calling the game.

The use of FOX's No. 1 crew would seem to indicate this will be a nationally televised game. The only other options for national coverage are Rams-Cardinals and Vikings-Broncos. I thought Vikings-Broncos might get it since it is a matchup of 3-0 vs. 2-1. But neither team is exactly overly exciting right now. Peyton Manning is on the downside of his career. Adrian Peterson is returning to form, but it's just lacking some pizzaz.

On the other hand, you've got the high flying Green Bay Packers and a 49ers team that is really struggling. Colin Kaepernick remains a high profile player, but he is coming off the worst game of his NFL career. The Packers are coming in on a short week, so I wouldn't say all is lost. Their defense looked a little shaky late against the Chiefs.

The good news is whether this team is good or bad, this means folks around the country who do not normally get 49ers games will probably get the game. We'll have the full rundown from sometime on Wednesday or early Thursday.

And for those not fans of Troy Aikman, this is a pretty funny Miller Lite commercial recently released: