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The sky is falling! What we will need next year to fix our mistakes?

Sure, the season isn't even 1/4 finished, but if we want it to be, let's figure out what to do

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Two blowout losses and some strange coaching decisions certainly has brought a lot of varied reactions. Some think this team is a work in progress (along with their coach) others think this team is what it is and already needs blown up.

OK, let's roll with the second part.

I got into a few discussions with the community on what potentially needs to be done to this team if they keep dropping blowouts like they have been. Some are the obvious firings of certain personnel, and others are trading players to maximize an incredible draft. A lot prefer  making a stab at Jared Goff if the 49ers can snag the 1st pick(please, no).

To be fair, nothing rash needs to be done just yet, quarterback, coach, or otherwise. While Jim Tomsula's team has not been impressive at all, thinking rationally does mean giving him a few more games to figure things out.  However, two blowouts in a row is very concerning. Like I've said, it's not that the 49ers lost, a lot of speculation pointed that direction before the season started, it's how they've lost.

But that doesn't mean we can't pretend and plug away suggestions. What does this team need to do to really turn the corner? Is it falling squarely on the coaches and the scheme? Do we really need to tank this season so we can replace Kaepernick with a new quarterback of the future? What needs to be done? What seems to be the priority after only 3 weeks of football?

Oh and yes, let's try to be gentle on the owners in this sense. I know that's an obvious answer, but for the haters, just pretend they are average. They aren't selling the team any time soon.